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Submission #5472: jlun2's DS Over the Hedge "100%" in 21:54.06

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: Over the Hedge
Game version: Europe
ROM filename: 1065 Over The Hedge (EU).nds
Branch: 100%
Emulator: DeSmuME_0.9.10_x86
Movie length: 21:54.06
FrameCount: 78615
Re-record count: 45159
Author's real name: Jesse Lun
Author's nickname: jlun2
Submitter: jlun2
Submitted at: 2017-04-16 20:11:37
Text last edited at: 2017-04-28 00:19:34
Text last edited by: Fog
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
I actually done this since last year (thread here), but due to real life (and lack of progress with RNG), I decided to just submit it now, on April Fools. It still technically beats all known records however. The only improvement is at the very last stage, where I managed to get Gladys to clip into a wall, saving 740 frames. Additionally, each part of the final stage was further optimized, saving another 182 frames compared to the cancelled submission.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: DeSmuME_0.9.10_x86
  • 100%
  • Still hasn't figured out how to improve the RNG section


Before anyone asks, this uses the PAL version since the emulator crashes on the (U) version.

Stage by stage comments

Length is approximate, since splicing in caused a frame more/less due to lag. Sometimes, the change is movement frame instead. The frame count was made before splicing in stages. It starts at the first input frame (2 frames after black screen lag) to pressing start/level fadeout.

Intro stages

Stealing food

Length: ~3990 frames

This is one of the rare stages left that weren't broken with glitches. While its possible to clip outside, it ended up faster to do it as intended.

Wildlife Book

Length: ~1706 frames

I showcase the first OoB in the run, and proved that the fastest way to breaking into someone's home is to quite literally break in.

Construction Site 1

Length: ~1697 frames

Even though you start close to the dog, you can still back away to avoid getting hit. I picked up a tool box in order to survive the blow, but I managed to clip into the dumpster without doing so before. While that ended up costing more frames due to longer setup, that or wall-jumping may potentially be quicker if someone can figure out how to not die.

Verne's jump at the end was to avoid a popup. Curiously this was the only one that can be skipped.

Spruce Street


Length: ~3697 frames

Doing the stage as intended takes far longer than manipulating the fat man to push me up. I can't find any faster method of going on top of the counter, so sorry for the wait. I'm not exactly happy about the manipulation of the fat man, since depending on how close you are, he may wonder off path a bit. However I needed to make him stay in a spot such that he would also clip me OoB (to avoid a spray trap at the entrance), so it was tricky.


Length: ~3017 frames

Technically, the bushes at the beginning can be used by Hammy to clip out, but since it wouldn't activate the camera to rouse the dog, I took a slight detour instead. The dog's movement can be manipulated faster, but for some reason that always causes Hammy to get hit once more, stunning her in the lag filled void. The method I did ended up faster due to less lag.


Length: ~1782 frames

To be honest, I really don't know how to improve this. While the user "Invariel" helped a lot for finding the RNG address, it seems to figure out how the values correspond to the actual safe number is still unknown. But hey, at least there's a script to display it now, if anyone can figure it out: here

This is one of the main places it can potentially be improveable for the 100%.

The menu glitch allowed me to skip walking back, while still counting the stage as completed percentage wise. This doesn't help if the calculator is obtained last.


Length: ~2574 frames

Quite straightforward. The only part that I had trouble was the loudspeakers, since they cause you to stop and drop your item. I cannot seem to find an address responsible for it (yet).


Length: ~2295 frames

The windows are odd. If Verne or Hammy were to move through them (with or without an object), it would be fine. However, for RJ, he appears to be a bit too tall to move through the sides of the windows. Despite needing to move in a jagged path, it's still faster to do so rather than moving straight since the window area doesn't cause lag.

Construction Site 2

Length: ~1984 frames

I have no idea why this section allows me to clip in and jump again, yet seemingly all other corners don't. I'm actually uncertain if this is possible during the first construction site, but all my attempts have failed to replicate this trick during that time. While Hammy could easily jump over the dumpster, she cannot carry the toolboxes to throw, so I'm forced to use RJ.

Maple Street

Motion Lamp

Length: ~3014 frames

The stage was intended for you to enter as Hammy, then use her to turn off the lasers, which gives RJ around 5 seconds before they turn back on. By clipping into the house, Hammy can be skipped. She isn't used since she cannot carry the lamp.

Iirc, it's possible to clip inside using the bench, and the bushes as well, but those were slower.

Pessimo Action Figure

Length: ~2842 frames

Apparently, manipulating the cat to clip you out turned out slower than simply walking back out. I'm not sure if it would be faster by much, since its rather difficult to do so when dropping the item immediately breaks it. There also doesn't seem to be a way to push the action figure down the floor without going back in bounds.


Length: ~2352 frames

This ended up being the shortest replayable stage not counting a 2 step lock for the calculator. Hammy's run energy could only last 119 movement frames before it needs to recharge for the same amount, so the main possible improvement would be better use of it. As tempting as it is to simply jump at the last moment to preserve momentum, that makes turning quite difficult as well.

Science Kit

Length: ~2647 frames

This stage initially was a lot longer until I discovered the angle clip. I had more information to tell, but that all became pointless due to OoB. lol

Celestial Globe

Length: ~2990 frames

Rather than wait for RJ to throw the globe, I simply waltz in and grabbed it myself. Using the kid to clip back out turned out 50 frames slower than clipping out using a box. This stage is mostly splice-able assuming RJ doesn't end up throwing a snack item into your path.

This stage is unique in that no matter how many times you complete it, the globe itself would always be thrown down by RJ at the end. The only difference after the first completion is that the globe inside the house gets replaced by a snack food.


It's also possible to get 2 globes if you waited for RJ to throw the globe, then clipped inside to grab another during the first time at this stage.

Oak Avenue

Rocking Chair

Length: ~3654 frames

This is another "Co-op" stage where you're supposed to sneak in with Hammy to momentary turn off obstacles, then use Verne to grab the chair. Even with clipping, this stage almost required Hammy. The reason is due to the chair's location. The room itself where the chair is has no known method of clipping back out. There's also no way to push the chair down to the floor so I could grab it with Verne without using Hammy to push it beforehand. Luckily, the dog's wander radius allows the mic to trigger it, allowing me to use it to clip out.

It may be possible to clip out without getting stunned, but I was unsuccessful. And no, hiding in your shell won't stop Verne from being zapped.

Tool Box

Length: ~3202 frames

The clipping trick here to escape the house was oddly harder to pull off than other acute angle ledges.


Length: ~3186 frames

The safes are rather glitchy, so standing on them may sometimes push you out of walls. The blue lasers are completely harmless; they only serve to notify the owners that you passed through them. You're technically not even supposed to be able to jump over the 4-barred red lasers with RJ. It's intended for you to use RJ and throw Verne over then instead, then find a switch and disable the lasers. However, at the peak of RJ's jump, there's a brief period you can make it over. It's also possible to do this in real time, but somewhat more annoying.


Length: ~2884 frames

RJ cannot lift up the saw. Verne cannot make it to the top where the saw is. So unfortunately, I'm forced to do this stage somewhat as intended. The best place to swap between them is during the pepper spray with RJ, and right at the laser fence with Verne. For RJ, if I didn't swap to Verne right there, I'd get hit by the pepper spray, which for some reason doesn't hurt me (for this stage) when offscreen. Verne seems unable to walk past the laser fence while clipping in, so might as well hop back to RJ instead. For some reason, the kitchen was very laggy despite nothing much there.

And yes, I know it looks like I "held" then drop the saw with RJ for no reason, but that's how the game reacts when you try to lift something your character cannot.

Light Bulbs

Length: ~3879 frames

There's probabily a better route for this, but I can't figure it out yet.

Construction 3

Length: ~2297 frames

Every single construction site visit is broken by a clipping glitch of some sort. I withdrew into my shell 3 times. The first was to reduce lag, the second was to hide from the taxidermist, and the third was make sure said taxidermist won't attack me immediately. Oh, and in case anyone wonders, the taxidermist would always take a loop to get to that spot even if I pushed the crate beforehand.

Unlike the current run, I managed to get him to shoot rather than use the spray can while still able to clip into the wall. This saved 163 frames.

Gladys' House

Length: ~1419, ~2447, ~3303 frames

The first 2 parts are broken by clipping. Despite all the boxes at the starting room, I couldn't use any of them to get OoB at all. The 2nd section with RJ and Verne would've been much shorter if it were possible.

Despite the somewhat different movement for Hammy, it saved only 3 frames. The savings from Verne were due to better speed at the very end, which saved 11 frames.

The 3rd part's beginning lack of movement was due to the game needing some time after activating the mic to use it. Activating it the stage before will not work, since it unactivates at the start.

Gladys' movement is terrible. If you go too far from her, she goes off path a bit before heading back towards you. Right after she gets lured into the first camera, her vision goes yellow. While that means I can provoke her as far as the opposite end of the hallway, this is ~5 frames slower than going up close. Unfortunately, going too close causes her to smack with her broom even if it misses, so I stood at the minimum distance before she'd attack but also before it takes ~5 frames longer to spot me.

I made her face not directly to the doorway before the second camera since just like the above, she would attack as soon as she spots me. I had to move far away from her at the hallway to the last camera due to the taxidermist.

Unlike the previous run, I managed to get her to clip into the last room. This is the main, and only improvement of the TAS.

The ending is exactly the same, along with whatever postgame content this game has, but at least its 100% completion.

feos: Accepting as an improvement over [2828] DS Over the Hedge (Europe) "100%" by jlun2 in 22:09.47.

Fog: Processing.

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