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Submission #5489: Uroboros's GC Resident Evil 2 "Claire B" in 49:51.2

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Resident Evil 2
Game version: USA
ROM filename: s3-re2.iso
Branch: Claire B
Emulator: Dolphin 5.0
Movie length: 49:51.2
FrameCount: 537883
Re-record count: 26411
Author's real name: Andrei Nunes
Author's nickname: Uroboros
Submitter: Uroboros
Submitted at: 2017-05-01 14:55:46
Text last edited at: 2017-05-11 21:19:40
Text last edited by: Fog
Download: Download (15267 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Resident Evil 2 story takes place two months after the events of the first game, Resident Evil. It is set in Raccoon City, an American community whose residents have been transformed into zombies by the T-virus, a biological weapon developed by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. In their escape from the city, the two protagonists, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, encounter other survivors, and are confronted by William Birkin, the mutated creator of the even more powerful G-virus.

This run beats Scenario B of the GameCube version of the game, that features support for the vibration and analog control functions, as well as a new unlockable minigame called "Extreme Battle", and a "Rookie" mode that enables the player to start the main story with a powerful weapon that features infinite ammunition.

This movie below is a door skipped encode created by me, which makes the watch more entertaining (or not).

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Dolphin 5.0
  • Enable Dual core: Off
  • Idle Skipping: Off

Run Attributes

  • Starts from Memory Card
  • Aims for fastest possible time
  • Heavy luck manipulation
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses Manual Aim
  • Zombies Killed: 4
  • In-Game Time: 1:04:02 Frames: 110959 Re-records: 26411

About submission

This is my first attempt at Scenario B in Resident Evil 2 with some improvements that was not used in previous cancelled submission. The run took me about 2 weeks to complete.

Memory Card including save data to playback input file:

Verification movie:

About Luck Manipulation

Mr. X Dodges

This mysterious man will follow you around the R.P.D. Building in the second scenario. At first his intentions are unclear, but later we found out what he is after. I can't explain very well how i've managed to dodge him but its very simple, basically you have to make he thinks you're going by one side but you are actually going to the other side. At his second appeareance, you can dodge Mr. X when he bust out of the wall, just run on the wall that he just destroyed, and you can slip past him easy, can be done also in 2F hallway where you dodge by his left side and go straight to the door.

Sherry babysitting

If you played this game before, then you should know that when Sherry is present you can't run for much longer or she will get lost from you. To avoid it you need to alternate between running and walking, in this run i've managed to walk the shortest time possible so i dont have to go back for her at anytime.

Licker dodges

The Laboratory/Underground lickers required some heavy manipulation in order to get past them without getting hit, you need to run in an specific position with the character. If you do that, Lickers AI will work as its best.
Theres pretty much nothing more to say about this run since its very deterministic in most scenarios, only few doors are affected by RNG which could've been easily manipulated without effort.

About Bosses

G-Birkin (First form)

The first mutation of the creature known as G, formally William Birkin. You can kill it faster with 5 Acid rounds by getting a good distance and you will not get any damage.

Tyrant Mutation (T-103)

After the Tyrant (previously known as Mr. X) falls into the molten steel vat, the damage he receives is extreme and finally he reveals his true self . I shooted him 2 acid rounds to accelerate the "mysterious woman" appeareance or else you have to wait few minutes until she drops the Rocket Launcher. Once you grab the weapon on the floor, just equip it and get some distance to shoot and finish the creature once and for all.

G-Birkin (Fifth form)

Just when we thought the game is over, there is one last surprise before knowing the true end. Nothing much to say here, since we still got 1 rocket left, just fire it and then use those 6 grenade rounds we have on our inventory since the beginning of the game.

PS: The Giant Alligator is not showing up in this run because it was exploded with the gas canister in Scenario A (check verification movie).

About tricks

The Library glitch

After doing some research i found out there is a glitch in the Library, if you press the switch embedded into the wall exactly at first frame of the cutscene, you can control the character during the animation and grab the Serpent Stone puzzle piece faster.

Quick Shooting trick

Rapid fire works like in RE1 and RE3, you just have to turbo the R key and hold A, this technique was used in Leon run as well.

Character movement speed

Claire doesn't run faster without carrying a weapon in this game, but they were only equipped when it was necessary.

The Cord item

As already mentioned in my previous submission, you don't really have to use cord in order to get an optimal Scenario B run, using it in Scenario A leaves the windows blocked in Scenario B but it has no strategic value whatsoever. If you're playing right, you should never have to return to the zombie infested hallways. The break-in during scene B happens "earlier" if and only if you enter the library at anytime during that scenario. You dont have to enter the library at any time until you are ready to get the last two puzzle pieces you need to exit the station. That means if you are in the 2F lounge on the west side of the building and you need to get to the interrogation room on the east side, you shouldnt take the Library as a "shortcut"... you have to back track the way you came, but this is just a route example.

Final Comments

I did not detailed all the technical aspect of this movie such as how many frames ive saved in my attempts, i think the range for further optimization depends on the amount of route change involved and in my opinion, there is no major improvement that could be done here and i dont expect more than 1-3 seconds to be saved, unless i've made some mistakes that i am not aware of.


And again, special thanks goes to arukAdo for taughting me everything i know about TASing RE, we havent speak for years now, but im sure this movie would not existed without his help and if we havent co-worked in RE1 for PSX in 2011.

I hope you enjoy the run!

Fog: Judging.

Fog: My opinions on this run echo that of the Leon A submission that this run is based off of, so I'll let that do the explaining for me to avoid repeating myself.

Accepting to Vault.

Fog: So this was a bit less cut and dry as I anticipated (what else is new?).

I was wrong with my initial suggestions that we could have this run published along side the Leon A run. We actually have a rule in place for Vault which prevents this from being published to Vault:

Goal choice is limited to fastest completion time (any%), or full-completion (such as 100% or best ending).

  • Exception: for games with separate, independent level sets (modes, episodes) officially available from start, each level set can have its TAS in Vault.
  • Other goal choices are not eligible for this category.

The run is nowhere near entertaining enough to be considered for Moons, so it must instead be rejected. It will surely find it's place in Gruefood Delight.

This doesn't mean that any Claire submission is impossible to publish, Claire A can still be submitted and possibly published, as it is available from the start without a save being required.


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