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Submission #5714: FranciTheGamer's SNES Korosu Mario World in 22:04.12

Console: Super NES
Game name: Korosu Mario World
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Korosu Mario World.smc
Emulator: Snes9X 1.54.1
Movie length: 22:04.12
FrameCount: 79578
Re-record count: 3607
Author's real name: Francis Ricotta
Author's nickname: FranciTheGamer
Submitter: FranciTheGamer
Submitted at: 2017-11-19 20:33:42
Text last edited at: 2017-11-29 19:24:24
Text last edited by: GoddessMaria
Download: Download (7156 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Korosu Mario World is a SMW hack by ChrisG_Games. This is currently my favourite kaizo hack (but I'm also biased because it's more accessible for me - see below). The level design is vanilla yet creative and masterfully paced. There are no out-of-nowhere difficulty spikes and the tricky jumps are balanced nicely with easier ones. The levels are just the right length and the checkpoints are fairly placed.

I'm pretty new to kaizo. I made it about halfway through kaizo 1 and then got an sd2snes and started exploring other romhacks. After trying out a number of the popular kaizo:light hacks (i.e. the ones that are fair and playable without savestates or being Dode), I chose this one to start grinding and hopefully eventually running, mostly because of the accessible difficulty level. As a newish/crappyish mario player, I am challenged but always making progress and steadily grinding through the levels. Plus, the replay value is very high: even when I hit a new level, I still enjoy going back and trying to clear the previous ones with as few deaths and the best time possible, with the goal of eventually doing a complete run in a reasonable amount of time. Many sections/jumps have both a safe strat and speedier strats so once you've figured out how to get through it's still fun to go back and try to one-cycle it or just do it more efficiently or consistenly.

I say all of this mostly for the benefit of newer players or players who are looking to get into savestateless kaizo playing. In my opinion, this is the perfect hack to start with if your experience/ability is anywhere near mine. Not only is it less frustrating than some of the harder ones, but it gently teaches you a lot of the subtle tricks and nuances required for other kaizo hacks. Things like midair jump and speed control, regrabbing, establishing visual/audio cues for consistent set-ups, momentum control when bouncing off enemies, etc.

Oh, and the retry option is VERY welcome imo. Although it does tend to make me get sucked into the game for longer periods of time since there aren't really any breaks when drilling a hard new section. A couple hours can go by just like that. This is either a good or bad thing, depending on the day ;)

tl;dr this is my favourite hack and an excellent choice for both new and more experienced kaizo players

GoddessMaria: Claimed for judging...

GoddessMaria: As was stated in the submission thread, this submission fails to beat all known records thus it is suboptimal. As for entertainment, this submission also lacks the entertainment to justify accepting it. Audience response was also rather poor, generally. Also due to this being of a ROM-Hack, it does not qualify for Vault. If this is your first time TASing or your first submission, I recommend that you post in the Games section and watch for viewer feedback on your WIPs. This helps avoid clutter in the Workbench and helps you better your movies.

And finally, the hack choice...  Whilst known moderately well and the quality isn't terrible, It still needs to be high quality to be eligible for Moons Tier provided that everything else checked out. The hack choice doesn't quite meet the qualifications either. As a comment stated on SMWCentral, "The levels really have this easy-kaizo feeling to them. You might not want to give this hack to a TASer anytime soon though as I've seen (and used myself too) plenty of chances to sneak a power up out at the goal."

Now for my verdict...

I am rejecting this submission for poor game choice, suboptimaal play, and lack of entertainment. I do hope that you don't take this judgement the wrong way. If anything, I'd like to see more from you in the future and hope you become more involved in the community so keep at it and try again!

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