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Submission #5722: DrD2k9's DOS Space Quest II: Chapter II - Vohaul's Revenge in 02:50.45

Console: DOS
Game name: Space Quest II: Chapter II - Vohaul's Revenge
Game version: 2.0F
ROM filename: SIERRA.COM
Emulator: JPC-rr 11.2
Movie length: 02:50.45
FrameCount: 10227
Re-record count: 1926
Author's real name: Mike D
Author's nickname: DrD2k9
Submitter: DrD2k9
Submitted at: 2017-11-24 04:39:43
Text last edited at: 2017-12-04 16:33:20
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Space Quest: Chapter II - Vohaul's Revenge

    • This is a re-attempt after expected improvements were pointed out following my previous submission of this game.
    • Special thanks to FractalFusion for suggestions on various improvement possibilities.


Sludge Vohaul is an ugly, evil genius and original brain behind the Star Generator of Space Quest Chapter 1. He's got a bit of a grudge against the people of Xenon for re-purposing the Star Generator into a mechanism to sustain life instead of being used as the weapon Vohaul originally designed it to be. Vohaul is also slightly peeved toward Golden Mop recipient, Roger Wilco (aka TAS), for foiling his plan of having the Sariens steal the Star Generator back for him. Mr. Sludge devises a new plan to infest Xenon with an army of robot Insurance Salesmen, which he somehow believes will sap the desire of life out of the people of Xenon. Vohaul also kidnaps Roger to prevent him from again foiling the plan.

Unfortunately, as he did with the Sariens in Space Quest 1, Vohaul doesn't hire the brightest goons; and Roger is marooned on the planet Labion. Will Roger survive? Will he escape the planet? Will he be able to stop the evil mastermind of Vohaul? STAY TUNED!

Temporary Encode

Just one encode this time; I tried to fill the shuttle time with something that would hopefully entertain at least some of you. Unfortunately, unless you're a fast reader, you might have to slow it slightly to read everything. First Encode = actual speed. 2nd Encode = 1/5 speed, so you can follow the action (Beware, the shuttle sequence and elevator rides are LONG this way).

(Link to video)

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Aims for fastest time.
  • Speed/Entertainment trade-offs:
    • The speed eliminates nearly all possibility of reading the humorous game text that would theoretically add entertainment value.

Emulator used: c-square's modified JPC-rr 11.2 with mouse and improved typing support

Game Version 2.0F

Challenges and Opportunities

Text Entry The game doesn't display typed text every frame. However, multiple keystrokes can be buffered into emulator memory on a single frame and will all be displayed when the game polls for this input. This rarely hinders progress as text input can usually be accomplished during periods of movement unlike games as Quest for Glory or Space Quest 3 where the text input box can pause movements.

Desyncs As c-square has mentioned before, JPC-rr is horrible for being able to splice in changes after the fact. Making a change causes many desyncs down the line. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure every screen is fully optimized before moving on to the next.

Area Specific Comments

Space Station: This is basically an interactive prologue to the game, but there are pseudo-necessary items that may be collected from the lockers in the airlock to complete the game. One of the few skipable events happens here. I don't look at Roger's communicator watch when signaled at the very beginning.

The Mugging: This is all story exposition.

Labion - Crash site to Canyon Rope: Though unnecessary to win, the distress beacon is disabled to delay/eliminate the hovercraft goon's arrival. I don't acquire berries before entering the swamp, but use a timing glitch to dive underwater before the bog-creature eats Roger. This saves time by the following:

  • Not having to do the root maze
  • Not having to watch the animations of the alien gathering berries or rubbing berries on himself
  • Eliminates action of rubbing berries on self.

Side Note: I'm a bit disappointed that the root maze is skipped and not seen in this run. I may do a 100% run simply to reintroduce this maze.

Labion - Caverns and Canyons: Not much to say here...pretty linear. Look for some brief (and sad attempts at humor) during the tunnels.

Labion - Back on the surface: Leaving/re-entering the terror beast's room before his animation still allows progress. The slingshot method used to kill/knock out the guard at the platform is faster than luring him so Roger can sneak onto the elevator.

Labion Escape & Travel to Vohaul's Asteroid: This is the insanely long portion of this TAS! He takes the shuttle off the planet and tries to escape but has the shuttle controls overridden by Vohal which brings Roger to the asteroid. It's a really boring portion to watch...so I attempted to give the viewer some degree of entertainment.

Vohaul's Asteroid: Surprised that there's no goons waiting for him upon arrival, Roger goes off exploring the Asteroid's various floors and finds....the janitor's closets. Once a janitor...alwa...never mind. He also briefly stumbles into a unisex bathroom before finding his way to Vohaul's control chambers.

Vohaul's Control Room: Though being shrunk and imprisoned by Vohaul, Roger manages to escape while simultaneously cutting off Vohaul's life support and getting himself re-enlarged. Unfortunately Vohaul is able to initiate the launch of the Robot Insurance Salesmen before he expires. It is not necessary to disable the salesman launch to reach the end-game. Counter-intuitively, the extra action of disabling the salesmen does however result in a faster run! If not cancelled, the salesmen will launch before the escape pod countdown is complete resulting in a loss. This can be avoided by changing the game speed to 'fast' for the escape pod cut-scene, but this slow-down results in a longer run than one disabling the salesmen and not slowing down the escape pod sequence.

Escape the Asteroid: Roger makes a run for it through the cracking tubes of the asteroid (without aid of the oxygen mask). He manages to find the escape pods...which for some stupid reason are guarded by a robot. Through very brief and careful game-speed manipulation it's possible to both open and enter the escape pod without leaving the screen.

The End: Roger has safely escaped the asteroid and can breathe a sigh of relief...but wait...no...there's precious low oxygen in the pod and Roger must put himself into cryo-sleep to survive. Asleep and drifting alone through the universe...Roger's fate is unknown.

Potential Improvements

  • Moving at the 'Fastest' pace is extremely difficult, and hard to end up where you want to go. There may be better movement patterns which I have not found.
  • Thereare limited choices in different paths/actions to take to beat the game. Exceptions below:
    • In the cave tunnels after meeting the alien king, there are multiple path options, but few. I've chosen the one I perceived as fastest.
    • The upper levels of the asteroid can be accessed from elevators on either side of the shuttle bay. I chose the side that got me to the needed rooms/closets the fastest while also avoiding the lip-alien (not seen in this run).
  • There are a couple places where alternate methods of solving a problem exist; I've chosen the actions I found fastest. i.e. the slingshot to the guard, and screen skipping the terror beast (thanks to Radiant for this strat).

Other Comments

  • There are no arcade sequences in this SQ game. (The only SQ game not to have one unless you count the root maze. Which is not seen in this run.)
  • THANKFULLY this game has very little RNG that affects the run. Roger's sweeping at the beginning can be affected, as can the floor polisher in the asteroid. But that's about it.
  • As this game foregoes multiple point gathering opportunities, it's definitely not a 100% run.
  • An earlier SQ1 TAS was canceled due to a text display glitch with Sierra's AGI interpreter. This glitch has been overcome as is demonstrated in this submission which also uses the AGI interpreter.
    • A new run of SQ1 is in the works with anticipated time improvements over the cancelled submission as well.
  • I'm hoping we can get at least one run of each official game in the SQ series published on the site. Official SQ1 VGA remake included.

  • No suggestion for a screenshot this time...I'll miss the root maze. <sniff>



Timestamp MD5 Size Filename
19900101000000 572d740c2c8c45e84f90b08aae01b57f 39424 AGI
19900101000000 2448e157a2ffb485e14e56940ec5bb88 8192 AGIDATA.OVL
19900101000000 de2902ddc953dbdb182d32d7ab34cd4a 1024 CGA_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 d198a7d5262c0cf0bf3965b446326166 1024 EGA_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 f3d4c66e195491aa759b7c5ef996488b 3072 HGC_FONT
19900101000000 002a3655407292ffb799dbf6327668aa 1536 HGC_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 b0b03c425f7b9eff8cddc86e4ec0e153 1024 HGC_OBJS.OVL
19900101000000 e8be8de90ec7d4e8d89bf83a59c24cc7 512 IBM_OBJS.OVL
19900101000000 175dbb19508d8d4ee72a1bca51d3ccf1 512 JR_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 28add5125484302d213911df60d2aded 426 LOGDIR
19900101000000 5024d50d42801aaea7170a756218a7e6 331 OBJECT
19900101000000 514534df82237848dfcd760e476a766e 444 PICDIR
19900101000000 129347541c73331906e9af00ddaeb756 3121 SIERRA.COM
19900101000000 877c4361faa514745cc27e427d5781c4 606 SIERRA.INF
19900101000000 eab6a5f4cb071c906df674e98891a432 210 SNDDIR
19900101000000 730535011acee0ece94e1a64fe6231e8 83 SQ21589
19900101000000 19cdc18ae5cc5548eb77bbb89e73a978 512 VG_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 efb1f93513d57eeca9a539e019df7b89 720 VIEWDIR
19900101000000 3e09c8580506212cd3494b5df8ea6cbc 70313 VOL.0
19900101000000 fa5415f7cbc6e78c69d94ef3c92d000d 161225 VOL.1
19900101000000 f7015465702a24333a0e799ad0d967bb 411824 VOL.2
19900101000000 552e2b31bf8825eea5a46e6eebb4cb3e 6828 WORDS.TOK

Mothrayas: Judging.

Mothrayas: Good viewer response. Accepting to Moons.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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