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Submission #5726: EZGames69's GB Mickey's Dangerous Chase in 11:55.33

Console: Game Boy
Game name: Mickey's Dangerous Chase
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Mickey's Dangerous Chase (J).gb
Emulator: Bizzhawk 1.12.2
Movie length: 11:55.33
FrameCount: 42725
Re-record count: 15634
Author's real name: Colin
Author's nickname: EZGames69
Submitter: EZGames69
Submitted at: 2017-11-29 04:11:00
Text last edited at: 2018-02-05 10:46:18
Text last edited by: thecoreyburton
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
this game actually did not take too long for me to complete, I was able to get to the end of the game in under 24 hours, and later optimizing the rest of the run. so if the re-record count is pretty low, that's why.

so I used the Japanese version because of faster scroll text and because the speedrunners of this game requested that I use it.

mashing in this game is holding down the A button to let it scroll fast, and pause on frames to advance it, just like in chronotrigger or mario galaxy.

so far there are no known glitches of this game although maybe in the future if this game get's looked into.


1-1: very simple, move to the right until you get to goofy, I jump high in certain parts to reduce lag, and throw blocks at enemies if they're in my way or just to reduce lag.

1-2: we jump on the signs of the stores to avoid most enemies, use 2 damage boosts to get past enemies.

1-3: move to the edge of the screen to make enemies appear right away, the more items on the screen, the more the lag, this also includes the flying stars, health, and bubbles. we dont want to collect all 4 bubbles in any stage as they give you an extra screen at the end of the level.

2-1: we use blocks to get rid of enemies, we need to conserve health until 2-3 so we avoid any kind of damage. snakes have the biggest hitbox in the game, which is why jumping over them might seem like overkill

2-2: we hop on the bears to get around them, use blocks to again get enemies out of our way, and avoid snowballs.

2-3: the reason why we conserve our health is because the amount of balloons you have is the same as your health, and more balloons means you go faster. one giant autoscroller, I move to the right to reduce lag.

3-1, probably one of my favorite levels just because of the movement, we do 2 damage boosts right off the bat with some hawks, but we use a health pickup before the 2nd one. we also damage boost past a gopher then hit it with a block. we then need to refill our health for some more boosts in the next level, so we drop down past another gopher to fill up our health.

3-2, damage boost past the bat and the spider then throw a block at the other bat. and towards the end of the level we get another heart for anther damage boost right before the end.

3-3, not much for this either, I thought I'd show off how large the hit boxes for the vultures are. right before the end I jump off to end the level on the first possible frame.

4-1, mostly throwing blocks upwards as it is less laggy than throwing them forwards. we also dont pick up that 1 up even though it lags the game, because it actually lags the game more than not collecting it for whatever reason.

4-2: probably the hardest stage to play casually, there's conveyor belts that move to the left or the right, we stay on the ones that go right for as long as possible and jump on the ones that go left. a few places we damage boost to skip a section of the stage. also in the first boost we stay down for a minute as it's not possible to pass through the pressers (or whatever they're called idk)

4-3: another auto scroller, not much we can do for lag here so I just do whatever. there's a car that is impossible to avoid, the 2nd to last car. but it doesn't matter as we just pick up health afterward.

5-1, we go down to pick up a block to use later, I damage boost past the spikes and wait until the tire pass me before proceeding. damage boost past the barrels, and collect a health booster. we'll need health for the final boss later. also damage boost past a barrel.

5-2, auto scroller, cant proceed until the camera moves to us so I cant just jump all the way up.

5-3, I jump over Pete's cannonballs and jump over any item blocks, once I get to Pete, I throw blocks accordingly, then as soon as he damages me, I'm able to keep throwing blocks until he dies, then I go to the present and the game is over.

I had alot of fun doing this TAS. hope you enjoy!

Encode (not the same as the submission anymore):

(Link to video)

Suggested Screenshot at frame 21623:

Fog: Replaced movie with a 68 frame improvement.

ThunderAxe31: Judging.

ThunderAxe31: Replaced movie with a 172 frame improvement.

This TAS is decently optimized and there is good reception from the audience. Accepting to Moons.

Fog: Processing.

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