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Submission #5796: Jungon & Challenger's SMS Kenseiden "100%" in 13:08.7

Console: Sega MasterSystem
Game name: Kenseiden
Game version: USA/Europe
ROM filename: Kenseiden (UE) [!].sms
Branch: 100%
Emulator: BizHawk 2.2.1
Movie length: 13:08.7
FrameCount: 47261
Re-record count: 18620
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Jungon & Challenger
Submitter: Challenger
Submitted at: 2018-01-18 02:40:15
Text last edited at: 2018-01-28 14:25:06
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This run is an improvement of 313 frames (not counting BIOS load time) over the published run by Jungon with several minor optimizations (including some bosses improved) and a new trick.

Temporary encode

(Link to video)

FM sound encode (JP version)

(Link to video)

Game Objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.2.1

  • 100% completion (including all stages, like the published 100% TAS)

  • Takes damage to save time

JP version (with FM sound enabled) sync

  • Most of these messages is 1 frame later to resync, while the messages at the start of each training mode, costs more frames.

  • Some rooms (such as training levels and level 9) loads a bit later, so, more frames added.

  • Some height jumps isn't the same, so, some paths were adjusted a bit.

  • Since the pattern of these bubbles is very random, their next positions isn't the same.

JP version movie file: http://tasvideos.org/userfiles/info/44523477734825447

About this project

Like the Kenseiden any% run and King's Quest, this 100% TAS was worked with TAStudio, creating a lot of movie files in case of failed attempts (also, for these reason, the rerecord count is almost 100% accurate)

While most of the input is from Jungon, the new improvements were implemented by Challenger. TAStudio and RAM addresses were very helpful to optimize several landing jumps on various stages, as well for the new trick.

Stage-by-stage commentary

2 - Chikuzen (2)

Same as the any% run: improvement on the first ladder. 2 frames saved.

4 - Iyo (20)

Ladder optimization on the first and fourth room, turnaround optimization on the start of the second room (resulting on 1 pixel forward), and a new trick: Sword Hitbox. By using a sword while an enemy/rock must be a few pixels behind Hayato, he can (only during the sword attack) dodge this. This trick is used on the third room (to dodge that rock without the need to crouch), and the fourth room (to land and turning around a bit earlier - rocks again).

Table of improvements

Stage Frames saved
Room 1 2
Room 2 2
Room 3 8
Room 4 6
Total 18

5 - Tosa "Training Stage" (21)

No improvements, except at the end of training stage which I exited that "reward" message 1 frame earlier - probably a mistake on the previous run?

3 - Nagato (33)

Better landing jumps. Also during the optimization on the path near the end of "Nagato", I noted that if Hayato lands near at end of a floor, he'll continue to move instead of stopping (depending of jump, he can stop between 1 or more frames). Due of this, I managed to get 2 new perfect landing jumps on the first room (saving 2 frames) while I managed another landing jump on the next room (more 2 frames saved), as well as avoiding the skull without losing time.

Table of improvements

Stage Frames saved
Room 1 8
Room 2 4
Total 12

With the new landing way, this stage is 4 frames faster than the any% TAS! My fault that I haven't verified before.

6 - Izumo "Training Stage" (37, but 36 after exiting this stage - reason below)

During the middle of this training, I managed to gain a extra pixel with a jump while waiting for one of these pikes, as well as gaining control earlier on the horizontal moving platform, and performing the sword hitbox not only to dodge an arrow but also landing 1 pixel earlier.

Originally that fruit was picked on the previous level, but with the lastest improvement on the cave, the fruit appeared here!

A frame is lost during the transition between this level and map.

9 - Kaga (58)

Same as the any% run: Ladder improvement on the second room and sixth room (Jungon pointed a 8 frame improvement on this room when he did the any% run, at the time), respectively.

6 frames were saved on the boss by jump optimization. Since I picked the fruit on the previous training, I recovered 2 frames by having full health! - 8 frames saved total.

Table of improvements

Stage Frames saved
Room 2 4
Room 6 10
--Boss-- 6 to 8
Total 22

7 - Settsu (60)

The pattern of these bubbles is pretty random. Every improvement that I can implement (before this stage), forces me to resync this stage several times with a bit of input change (also occurs on the very first room of the last stage - bubbles again). I didn't like much this stage just for this problem.

The only improvement is getting 2 new perfect landing jumps. So, Hayato finishes this stage without stopping at all. 2 frames saved.

10 - Iga (121)

On the second room and fourth room, the up+1 sword technique (not on the air) wasn't used at all, replacing with the sword hitbox and taking damage on these enemies (except the last fireball that I dodged - results on 2 frames slower but, those 2 frames were recovered later + gaining more 2 frames for having more health after the boss)

Thanks for better optimization, I defeated the boss 8 frames earlier than the published run. But since I lost more health on the previous room, 8 frames were lost, although not using the up+1 sword technique is indeed faster (even with taking damage).

On the exit, sword hitbox trick was performed to land earlier while dodging that skeleton - 6 frames saved.

Table of improvements

Stage Frames saved
Room 2 22
Room 4 32
--Boss-- 8 to 0
Exit 6
Total 60

By comparing the framecounter, apparently this stage is 61 frames faster. I don't know why. Probably somewhere in one of these transitions during this stage, I think.

11 - Owari (137)

Skipped the use of sword technique (button 1, while crouching) twice and some better landing jumps. 16 frames faster.

13 - Suruga (162)

While resynching the published run to BizHawk, the first ladder wasn't exactly as the dega run (Hayato doesn't get the same height above the screen, resulting on some frames gained), leading me to verify each ladder of both TASes of Kenseiden - So, that's the reason how was able to improve more ladders on this game.

The improvements includes stair optimization (again) between the first three rooms, skipping a damage hit (5 frames faster) from one of these fishes (sword hitbox) - which also leads to recovery more 2 frames after the boss by having more health than the published run.

Table of improvements

Stage Frames saved
Room 1 4
Room 2 2
Room 3 8
Room 4 8
--Boss-- 2 (health)
Total 24

After squeezing frames on the previous stages (several times), for some reason, the fourth room loaded 1 frame earlier, resulting on 25 frames faster.

12 - Etchu (182)

These rocks (like Iyo stage) can be affected like these bubbles, with the difference that only can turns direction when touches the platform/floor. So, to avoid this, I changed a bit of the input.

The improvement is the same as the any% run, with the difference that the strategy of previous 100% run is different than the previous any% run. 20 frames faster.

Like "Settsu" stage, Hayato finishes this stage without stopping at all.

15 - Mito (204)

Only the boss was improved: better optimization to earlier final hits, as well as the dragon sword spawns a bit lower than before. 16 frames saved on the boss and more 6 frames for the earlier dragon sword.

16 - Edo (313)

Third room: ladder optimization - 2 frames

On the room before the boss, "berserk attack" on the enemies instead of jumping - 2 frames saved

  • Boss 1

New strategy and optimization, as well as a certain waiting helps to destroy faster fireballs later - 32 frames faster totally.

  • Final Boss

Same strategy used on the any% run. But since the dragon sword takes more damage than the "normal sword", this boss was destroyed more earlier than on any% run - 73 frames faster (biggest improvement of this TAS).

Table of improvements

Stage Frames saved
Room 3 2
Room 5 2
Boss 1 32
Boss 2 73
Total 109

Other comments

  • Thanks to Jungon for the published run.

RAM Watch

Addresses Description
0092 X position (with scrolling)
0095 X scroll speed
00B2 Boss health
010A Y position
010C X position (without scrolling)
010E Y speed
010F X subpixel speed
0110 X speed
0111 Health

6 dega runs left.

feos: Accepting to obsolete [1881] SMS Kenseiden (USA/Europe) "100%" by Jungon in 13:02.55.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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