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Submission #5805: Meerkov's SNES Adventures of Yogi Bear in 22:41.59

Console: Super NES
Game name: Adventures of Yogi Bear
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: Adventures of Yogi Bear (USA)
Emulator: bizhawk 1.12.0
Movie length: 22:41.59
FrameCount: 81830
Re-record count: 14051
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Meerkov
Submitter: Meerkov
Submitted at: 2018-01-29 07:37:53
Text last edited at: 2018-02-03 20:33:58
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)


Game Summary:

One bear must go on a quest to visit a construction site... because he felt like it?

I'd guess most people have trouble making it past the first area. You'd be fooled into thinking it has ice physics because of how much Yogi slides around, but that's just the controls. This game is difficult, or even "not fun" to play, and you only get 3 lives to finish the whole thing. However the TAS does it perfectly, taking no damage.


Yogi accelerates up to 4 px/frame. Pressing the opposite direction will immediately reduce his speed to 0. Most of the time it's better to simply release the direction button for a few frames until you reduce speed to avoid an obstacle, rather than actually stopping in place.

Hills change Yogi's max speed(5px for Downward or 3px Upward slopes). Because gravity is 4px/frame as well, any slope with a steep enough gradient actually causes Yogi to free-fall and reduce back to a max of 4px/frame. Jumping on the same frame you hit the ground does not decelerate.

Collectables are only worth points. (Picnic baskets, clocks, and the misc flowers/lights/clams/etc that guide your path).



This level has numerous downward hills I can use to squeeze out some extra frames.


This has some hills too. The mine cart ride is dumb. You can just hold "down" to avoid all the obstacles. There aren't even extra lives or health pickups to tempt you.


The fish enemies here are pretty annoying.


Max speed in water is reduced to 2px/frame. So it's best to hop at the surface of the water to maintain 4px speed. Riding on a beaver is 7px/frame. Since there are various walls, I do my best to begin acceleration such that I have maximum speed just as soon as I pass the obstacle.


The barrel enemies are horrible. They spawn very fast, so if you slow down even a little too much, one will spawn on top of Yogi just as he reaches the top of the hill they roll down. And I didn't even mention the foreground layer which creates added difficulty, because you can't see half the enemies.

Timing breakdown:

Since there is no TAS for this game yet, I compared my time to the current WR real time I found on Twitch from Jeepitou.
Level Jeepitou Meerkov Diff Total
Intro N/A 1287 N/A N/A
1 5397 5182 215 215
2 9399 8898 286 501
3 13671 12619 551 1052
4 17697 16418 227 1279
5 21711 20206 226 1505
6 25455 23603 347 1852
7 29223 27193 178 2030
8 33255 31133 92 2122
9 37941 35101 718 2840
10 42525 38912 773 3613
11 50853 42731 4509 8122
12 55853 46603 1216 9338
13 60525 50941 246 9584
14 67113 55532 1997 11581
15 73563 61016 966 12547
16 81099 66166 2386 14933
17 85899 70101 865 15798
18 90639 73910 931 16729
19 96297 77752 1816 18545
20 103485 81634 3306 21851
Total 28'44.75 22'40.57 6'04.18 saved


Mothrayas: Judging.

Mothrayas: This is a really generic-looking licensed game, with generic run-right-for-justice platforming action. While it doesn't really show much in the way of complicated tricks or techniques, the movie still looks executed well enough, and is paced well enough to keep it interesting to watch. Viewer response overall was quite solid. Accepting to Moons.

feos: Will publish after Boxxle, which is almost done.

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