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Submission #580: Bisqwit's NES Super Mario Bros 3 in 10:56.8

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros 3
Game version: Japan
ROM filename:
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 10:56.8
FrameCount: 39408
Re-record count: 8615
Author's real name: Joel Yliluoma
Author's nickname: Bisqwit
Submitter: Bisqwit
Submitted at: 2005-03-06 23:45:34
Text last edited at: 2005-10-29 15:28:26
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
Download: Download (4847 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
I found a way to go through certain walls.

Even though this submission loses in speed to Genisto's movie, the strategy is not to blame ([1]with exception). I didn't play carefully enough, as I was in somewhat hurry.

This submission is not to be "published" and certainly not to obsolete Genisto's current movie.
I provide this movie for public viewing and I hope someone uses the idea and makes a serious version.

The glitch is used only in the last fortress.
Besides that, I tried to be entertaining in the time limits (I wanted to complete it today).

Glitch explained: SMB3 has walljump, just like SMB1. But you need speed. And SMB3 always ejects properly, except when Mario's head is already inside the wall. Therefore, it only works in ceiling-wall corners (duck-jumping).

Oh, right - the necessary info :P

Misc rambles from IRC:
<Bisqwit> I lost to Genisto. But I'll submit it anyway, because I know that the strategy allows beating Genisto's time, even if I wasn't skillful enough.
<TNSe> get genisto to just change the final castle
<Bisqwit> Despite evidence suggesting the contrary, I think I played something from the first world faster
<omeg> ↑ getting the mushroom earlier
<Bisqwit> Timewise, I only know I lost in the following: 8-1, 8-2 (had to wait where Genisto didn't) and most importantly the Koopa match.
<Bisqwit> Also, matches against the small koopas (in castles) might have been a few frames slower, but I'm not sure. And I lost in score, too. But that I didn't care about.

And another quote I wanted to share :)

<BagOfMagicFood> Now I'm not sure whether I like it better when Mario does lots of different stunts, or when he just goes all out with the jumping to get as many lives and points as possible.

More demonstrations of the topic glitch of this movie:

[1] For the record, the last wall trick in this movie (the long one that leads directly to Koopa's lair) is a bad choice. It's faster to run the regular route instead of doing that.
I tried fixing this mistake, but then Koopa started acting bad (jumps before I manage to kill him (and even sooner than in the actual submission, and therefore I still was 20 frames short of beating Genisto's time.

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