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Submission #5847: Kasha's NES Aladdin in 12:50.28

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Aladdin
Game version: any, Hummer Team
ROM filename: Aladdin (Unl) [p1][hM04].nes
Emulator: BizHawk-2.0.1
Movie length: 12:50.28
FrameCount: 46293
Re-record count: 10655
Author's real name: Alexandr Simakhin
Author's nickname: Kasha
Submitter: Kasha
Submitted at: 2018-03-06 18:09:34
Text last edited at: 2018-03-21 17:01:49
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Aladdin is a port of SNES version to NES. Almost each of levels are there. The game was made in 1995 by Hummer Team. More information about the game https://tcrf.net/Aladdin_(NES,_Hummer_Team)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk-2.0.1
  • To beat the game as quickly as possible.


This is my third attempt of speedrun. And now I well know bugs, tricks and where's the best route. So, i tried to do my best on this submission.

Levels Old Run New Run Frames
1-A 1735 1731 4
1-B 1560 1548 12
1-C 2267 2233 34
1-D 3557 2447 1110
2-A 2046 1975 71
2-B 4501 4499 2
3-A 8939 8914 25
3-B 3298 3298 0
4-A 1994 1981 13
4-B 2311 2227 84
4-C 2532 2528 4
5-A 1392 1379 13
5-B 2041 2022 19
BS 4707 4709 -2
6-A 2496 2489 7
FB 826 819 7
Overall 47706 46293 1413
Time 13.13.792 12.50.281 0.23.511

Stage by stage comments

Time between the levels are always different, so in some levels I saved frames because of black screen. I'll call it "Blackout" Sometimes better lose 1-4 frames and then get 10-50 frames.


Almost the same route.


Saved frames because of Blackout.


I slowed down to prevent a bug (Aladdin just stuck in the air)

1-D, First Boss

Throwing apples to prevent long attack animation.


Taking damage to save frames.


A lot of time to fun and running around. Saved frames because of Blackout. Saved 1 HP.


Almost the same route. Saved frames because of Blackout.


Fly and avoid.


Great bug to miss Genie's animation and his spawn of objects. Sadly never works by first hit.


Almost the same route. Saved frames because of Blackout.


The same.


Sand sand sand.


The bat doesn't hurt you if you fast enough. The hitbox is smaller than it seems.

Bonus Stage

No comments


Got damage instead of apple attack, saved frames.

Final Boss

Lose some frames to get the right welcome animation of the boss. (He has 3 welcome animation)

ThunderAxe31: Judging.

ThunderAxe31: File replaced for a header that points to a known ROM.

ThunderAxe31: This movie is well crafted, thanks to little tricks and optimization.

While the game is a bootlegged port of a SNES title, it must be said that it's not as bad as many other bootleg games, and it's also pretty widespread.

The run is overall entertaining, also thanks to extra efforts that were put in order to play around during autoscrollers. The audience response was also very positive.

Accepting for Moons.

feos: Pub.

feos: The game was designed in Taiwan and was sold for Micro Genius like consoles (PAL Famiclones), which means PAL Asia and a few European countries. And even though it was made for PAL consoles, it wasn't compatible with PAL NES, but was compatible with Famicom, which was NTSC. Putting "any" as game version, and moving "Hummer Team" to that field as well.

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