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Submission #5875: jmosx36's SNES Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald "Donald" in 33:02.35

Console: Super NES
Game name: Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Mickey to Donald - Magical Adventure 3 (Japan).sfc
Branch: Donald
Emulator: Snes9x 1.55 x86
Movie length: 33:02.35
FrameCount: 119137
Re-record count: 2345
Author's real name: Juan Manuel
Author's nickname: jmosx36
Submitter: jmosx36
Submitted at: 2018-03-25 17:53:08
Text last edited at: 2018-04-29 00:05:52
Text last edited by: GoddessMaria
Download: Download (16265 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Bad luck in the octopus fight
Only 5 days to make it
100% is all stores, all heart containers and all big blocks one time
Sorry for the meme
2345 rerecords
(Info about the game)

GoddessMaria: Judging...

GoddessMaria: Hello, jmosx36, and welcome to TASVideos.

Unfortunately your submission does not fit the site criteria to be accepted. The optimization levels are not good and the audience response is, overall, low too. I recommend that you post your movies and Work-In-Progress (WIP) files into the corresponding game's thread and make use of the feedback given to you. This greatly helps improve the quality of your movies and possibly increase the chance of being accepted. By all means, keep trying.

In the meantime, I'm rejecting this for poor optimization and entertainment.

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