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Submission #6015: EZGames69 & GarbitheGlitcheress's SNES The Addams Family "all bosses" in 15:55.78

Console: Super NES
Game name: The Addams Family
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Addams Family, The (USA).sfc
Branch: all bosses
Emulator: Bizhawk 2.2.1
Movie length: 15:55.78
FrameCount: 57441
Re-record count: 31228
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: EZGames69 & GarbitheGlitcheress
Submitter: EZGames69
Submitted at: 2018-06-25 14:00:48
Text last edited at: 2018-08-10 14:41:59
Text last edited by: EZGames69
Download: Download (31162 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
da na na na,

snap snap,

da na na na,

snap snap,

da na na na, da na na na, da na na na,

snap snap.

They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family.

lua script (thanks ThunderAxe31): http://tasvideos.org/userfiles/info/48040953679364406

encode with lua:

(Link to video)

encode without lua:

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.2.1
  • defeat all bosses
  • have every family member (except for Morticia) present in the piano room before the hall of chains
  • have all heart upgrades
  • heavy glitch abuse


so obviously there's alot I have to say about this run. I started back in january where I asked GarbitheGlitcheress for help on this category. She said that she had made a movie of this category before but didnt think it was optimal enough for submission. I took that movie file to make it as optimal as I could possibly get it to. I added a bunch of skips, learned how speed actually works in this game, and overall made everything alot smoother. This wouldn't be possible without any of her help, so I thank her for that.

but for now, let's talk about the tech in this run.


Sword powerup

this is the most important item we will need in this run. This item you lose if you take damage, and the developers never intended that you would be able to reach any of the bosses in the game with it, so they didnt bother to nuke the sword's ability to kill bosses almost instantly. the sword seems to ignore i-frames after you do damage to a boss, which makes them die instantly.


the SNES run is used for this category because it allows you to stack 2 speedshoe powerups. Gomez runs at a max speed of 2 pixels per frame, when he grabs a set of speedshoes, that increases to 3 pixels per frame. You can then grab another set to get a maximum speed of 4 pixels per frame. not only does this make Gomez move extremely fast, but it also allows us to do Zips.


when you jump at a wall at a specific angle while going either 3 or 4 pixels per frame, gomez will momentarily clip into the wall until the game corrects itself. what we can do here is as soon as gomez clips into the wall, press the oposite direction button. this makes gomez zip upwards until he reaches a ledge. in some rooms, you can zip up so high that you can end up on the bottom of the room, but the camera wouldnt correct itself. this can be seen when we enter the tree level. some areas dont allow you to zip up easily, so I didnt bother with them.


to really optimize this game well, you need to understand how speed works.

the game has counters that determine when for example gomez will jump from a speed of 1 pixel per frame to 2 pixels per frame. the counters go like this:

  • countdown to 2 pixels: 8 frames
  • countdown to 3 pixels: 16 frames
  • countdown to 4 pixels: 24 frames

the thing to note here is if gomez for example is traveling at a speed of 1 pixel per frame, but not for 8 frames where he would jump to 2 pixels per frame, the counter doesnt reset itself. so you will have instances where as soon as gomez starts moving again, it would only take one frame to jump to 2 pixels per frame.

this is made useful when moving vertically, as you can move around to build up speed as soon as you can move horizontally again.


when doing the last portion of this run, which is where the any% would normally start, the runs wouldn't sync exactly to how the any% route went. I even tried copying the inputs from the any% movie and it wouldnt get past the first room of the hall of chains. so I took a bit of a different route for how I did zips.

the rest of the run should be self explanatory. although feel free to ask questions if you have them. me and Garbi will try to answer them as best as we can!

feos: Judging...

feos: Delayed while the improved version is being done.

EZGames69: Cancelling since improvements will take awhile.

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