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Submission #6042: Cyorter's VBoy 3-D Tetris "Puzzle" in 17:16.15

Console: Virtual Boy
Game name: 3-D Tetris
Game version: USA
ROM filename: 3D Tetris (U).vboy
Branch: Puzzle
Emulator: BizHawk GIT 5459c92a4
Movie length: 17:16.15
FrameCount: 52091
Re-record count: 7000
Author's real name: C├ęsar
Author's nickname: Cyorter
Submitter: Cyorter
Submitted at: 2018-07-15 14:47:19
Text last edited at: 2019-03-27 14:46:52
Text last edited by: ThunderAxe31
Download: Download (11583 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
3-D Tetris is a Virtual Boy game (Dev'd by T&E SOFT, Pub'd by Nintendo) that has 3 game modes: Center-Fill, 3-D Tetris, and Puzzle. This TAS complete the Puzzle mode (I think this is the only one that ends) and get to the Ending/Credits as Fast as Possible! (or as fast I can if not).

3-D Tetris rom I used has this CRC hash: BB71B522 and MD5 hash: ECF1218706E9B547EAB9E4BE58D54E21

I made the TAS in a GIT version, but it syncs in 2.3! Also 7000 rerecords LOL! (was almost 6900, but see last level below :p).

I also recorded with Parallax and ReadHack disabled as you'll see in the TAS. I don't know if I did wrong or something else... I just assume it's the accurate setting.

I can't encode myself the TAS because I have not good internet right now (and I don't know when I can get it fixed), sorry :( (I don't want to talk you about my life, I just can't encode it for myself).

Stage 1: on this stage I started too late, but I tried to fix it remaking that level, but as surprise, it didn't saved/missed frames, it finished at the same frame as the "mistake" I made (2911). So, as the fix didn't save any frame I keep the previous one (the "mistake") and keep going.

Stage 2: this one was so easy and short, didn't took me more than 100 re-records and it didn't took me much effort :D

Stage 6: the two first shapes (cubes) I have to put them in the top, and fill the first two layers using the other two (weird) shapes and the 'T' shape under the two cubes.

Since Stage 7 it starts to be difficult. And sometimes have to seriously manipulate luck as I can (I'm not expert manipulating luck or other TAS things, but the best way to learn is keep doing it :D).

Stage 10: filling the second layer that way is the best way because it makes faster the other layers :D

Stage 14: LOL! When I fill the 3rd layer, the form gets similar to the Air Raid (A2600) cart. (maybe it'll be a good choice for a screenshot).

Stage 16: I started this stage with bad luck, because I wanted the first shape 'L' at the bottom, but it appeared at the top, and moving it to the bottom will lose some frames, but that didn't stopped me, because I better keep it at the top and the next 'L' shape appeared at the bottom. The last cube was also hard to decide where to put, but I decided to leave the only free space in the second layer to put that cube there (and that cube also appeared very near).

Stage 18-19: these stages was hard in terms of duration of making and finding the best way to put the cubes at start. In 18 I put four cubes in the top (two in each layer) to fill the top of the third layer with the short-rectangular shape and the 'L' shape. The twins (the two cubes separed in diagonal) at the end I put them like if where a short-rectangular shape. In 19 I started filling the last layer with using the short 'L' in the corner of the fourth layer and the top-right of the last layer, the grand 'L' I put where doesn't disturb the free space for the two last 'L' shapes (it's notable after putting it).

Stage 20: before making this TAS (casual playing) it took me HOURS (almost days) to complete it! and the while making the TAS was also hard to find the faster way I can. First I lost 10 frames with the first way, but saved them with another way, and finished this level with 6880 rerecords aprox. Days after, I've got another way to complete the layers 2 & 3, I tested and it worked! Saved another 6 frames! Also thanks to this level I got 7000 rerecords (instead of almost 6900) xD

Well, thanks for watching and hope you like it :D

Obsolete, watch the new improved one here: #6062: Cyorter's VBoy 3-D Tetris "Puzzle" in 15:04.15

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