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Submission #6043: McW4v3-X's SNES Wing Commander "Bad Ending" in 05:21.75

Console: Super NES
Game name: Wing Commander
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Wing Commander (U).smc
Branch: Bad Ending
Emulator: BizHawk 2.3
Movie length: 05:21.75
FrameCount: 19337
Re-record count: 417
Author's real name: David Royston
Author's nickname: McW4v3-X
Submitter: PikachuMan
Submitted at: 2018-07-16 08:34:51
Text last edited at: 2019-02-28 02:50:05
Text last edited by: PikachuMan
Download: Download (4834 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Wing Commander is a space combat simulator released by Origin Systems in 1990. The game was ported to some consoles like the SNES in 1992 by Mindscape.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.3
  • Kills: 0%
  • Items: 0%
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Aims for minimum score
  • Forgoes time saving damage
  • Bad ending
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Genre: Simulation


The bad ending can be achieved by failing certain vital missions. This run does this by ejecting in all of the missions.

Stage by stage comments

There isn't much to say because the bad ending is reached really fast by ejecting.

ThunderAxe31: Judging.

ThunderAxe31: In this game, there are two different endings that can be triggered, which depend from the amount of missions completed successfully during the play. The bad ending is triggered even if all missions are failed.

In the submitted movie, the player used the eject command at the beginning of every mission, which basically consists in giving up and failing the current mission right away.

Since there is no actual gameplay required in order to reach the bad ending, it can't be considered as beating the game. Rejecting for trivial gameplay and failing to beat the game.

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