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Submission #6107: fcxiaopengyou & aiqiyou's NES Saiyuuki World in 11:42.54

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Saiyuuki World
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Saiyuuki World (J) [!].nes
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.3
Movie length: 11:42.54
FrameCount: 42222
Re-record count: 31620
Author's real name: 向学 & 赵超越
Author's nickname: fcxiaopengyou & aiqiyou
Submitter: fcxiaopengyou
Submitted at: 2018-09-25 07:10:46
Text last edited at: 2018-10-03 15:50:01
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)


  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Aims for fastest real-time


I and aiqiyou improve J.Y & Max12187566's movie 9761 frames, mainly using knife + glove produced infinite damage glitch and improve part of the route to save a lot of time, while improving many details are also reflected.

Secondly, Sub Weapon's damage is same as your Main weapon, so we also can second kill everything with Main weapon when we have knife+glove. Through this technique, we also saved some time.

Division of labor

fcxiaopengyou is responsible for most of the movie production and processing TAS technical details, such as saving frames and processing randomness. aiqiyou keeps RTA WR of this game and responsible for the overall route, such as using and obtaining of props.

Tricks and strategies

1. Jump at the last frame before the monk appeared after each BOSS fighting will gave protagonist a acceleration at the begining of next scene, it will save 1 frame.

2. There are 5 kinds of shoes in the game. These speed are: Initial shoes: x1 y1, $50 shoes: x1.5 y1, $80 shoes:x1.5 y1.5, $180 shoes:x2,y1.5, $380 shoes:x2,y2. $180 shoes are enough and buying shoes at a store can waste a lot of time so we didn’t buy $380 shoes, it’s an improvement of the old TAS.

3. The using times of some props can be accumulated, such as glove and invisible cloak. But the flying shoes are exception.

4. We can buy Sub Weapons in stores, or we can get them by killing some enemies. But all of these two ways will waste some time. If we kill a BOSS form enemy, It flashes longer when it dies than a normal enmey, and the props appear slower, so it's not a good choice. We can kill 2 enemies in the same screen, this allows us to spend once time get 2 props.

5. When the flying shoes disappear, a hidden lag will appear. This lag is fixed and cannot be changed by buttons.

6. After we buy the $180 shoes, our odd jumps will slow down 1 frame, even number of jumps will not be affected.

7. When we attack with knife, it slows down our speed.

8. The speed after touch the enemy is 2, but the initial speed of the first 2 frame is 0, so touching enemies will save time before we buy $180 shoes and waste time after we buy it.

9. Try to control the amount of blood at the lowest level when we beat each stage. This will shorten the settling time of customs clearance. Consider the previous trick, we should touch enemy more times before we buy $180 shoes, and after buy it we should touch less.

10. The X axis speed of the fireball is 3, it’s quick than any shoes.

11. We will not reduce the usage count of gloves if we injured when we stab the knife.

12. Flying shoes only reduce the usage count when landing.

Stage detailed

Stage Before Now Save frames Total saved
 1 3103 3135  -32  -32
 2 9103 8721  414  382
 3 13121 12228  511  893
 4 17170 15107  1170  2063
 5 22272 18910  1299  3362
 6 25443 21793  228  3650
 7 29361 24085  1626  5276
 8 33283 27279  728  6004
 9 37045 30017  1024  7028
 10 41200 34059  113  7141
 11 51982 42221  2620  9761

Stage 1: Wait for the first purse to get $45, kill a snake to get $6, buy $50 shoes, X axis speed turn to 1.5, touch the remaining snake to save time, BOSS fighting is optimized and the maximization of coins is maintained. Stage 1 was slow because of waiting money and shopping.

Stage 2: Skip the upgrade weapon BOSS and optimize the details of the springboard. Despite killing a few more enemies and waiting for money, but the overall time began to grow faster. Buy $180 shoes to make X axis speed to maximum value, it provides faster acceleration for the entire game process. Spend more time kill this BOSS because we didn't upgrade our weapon. Consume more blood by using special skills to touch bats. We kept two drops of blood here, so that we could control the blood volume to the lowest level in the following stages.

Stage 3: On the way up the ladder we killed a cloth puppet to get 10 gloves. We can use knife+gloves glitch second kill anything.

Stage 4: The protagonist does not need to wait for the mobile platform with a faster speed, saved some time in the ditch. When we kill the crocodile, touch the bubbles it spits out, there is no consumption of gloves here. Get a lightning this stage to prepare for next stage. Kill this BOSS after its attack, using this technique, only 4 coins will appear, this will save time to get coins.

Stage 5: No need to waste time getting lightning, optimize the details of entering the well. Skip the upgrade weapon BOSS.

Stage 6: Kill two cloth puppet to get fly shoes and fireball. BOSS fighting save 2 frames.

Stage 7: Fly to the designated point to enter the next scene. Saves time to kill BOSS and dialogue.

Stage 8: Skip the upgrade weapon BOSS. Kill four savages get fly shoes, gloves and 2 fireballs.

Stage 9: With the help of flying shoes, we do not need to contact magma. Used glitch to pass the first scene quick. Don’t need to buy $380 shoes. Use fireball to kill BOSS faster.

Stage 10: Using fireball kill enemies who block the way saved 12 frames.

Stage 11(maze): Improved many details. With the invisibility cloak to pass the last bat group. Must keep 2 gloves to the final to kill the final BOSS.

Special thanks

J.Y Thank him for providing us with Lua documents.


The screenshot suggest is in frame 39921.

Memory: Claiming for judging

Memory: Optimization seems good, improvement over old TAS.

While at first I didn't really like this run, I was also fairly tired at the time. Upon a rewatch I liked it much more, even if there was nothing particularly mind blowing. The audience seems to share a general like for the run as well. The current movie is in Vault with an entertainment rating of 5.6. However this run is a fair amount shorter than that run and is substantially more entertaining as well.

Accepting to Moons to obsolete [2209] NES Saiyuuki World (JPN) by Max12187566 & J.Y in 14:24.96.

feos: Pub.

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