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Submission #6179: The8bitbeast's SMS Toto World 3 in 09:42.08

Console: Sega MasterSystem
Game name: Toto World 3
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: Toto World 3 (K) [!].sms
Emulator: Bizhawk 2.3.0
Movie length: 09:42.08
FrameCount: 34880
Re-record count: 26019
Author's real name: Jake M
Author's nickname: The8bitbeast
Submitter: The8bitbeast
Submitted at: 2018-12-05 23:07:59
Text last edited at: 2018-12-22 09:36:09
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Toto World 3 is an unlicensed game masterpiece released for the Sega Master System exclusively in South Korea in 1993. The graphics are very original and definitely don’t bear any resemblance to any other popular games. The music is beautiful.

Toto World 1 and Toto World 2 do not exist.

A clone of Toto World 3 was released in Australia under the name “Cave Dude” on the 4 Pak All Action cartridge. 4 Pak All Action is incredibly sought after with the current only copy on eBay being advertised for $429.95 AUD.

This TAS beats Toto World 3 as fast as possible, completely optimising for real time up to last input.

Useful Addresses

As far as I could tell, there are no subpixels. The system for movement is very weird and some numbers associated with screen scrolling actually go down as you move right.
Address Description
0282 X
0283 Y
0284 X Vel
0285 Y Vel
0256,0257 Screen X
026E Jump Timer
029C Boss HP
02A0 Boss Timer
0487 Level Entry Text Timer
0487 World Finish Scroll Timer

Movement Strategies

Your movement speed has an average of 2 units per frame. It can be 0,1,2,3 or 4 units on an individual frame but it always averages out to 2. Lag frames do occur, causing you to lose 2 units overall and these are generally well detected in Bizhawk for this game.

You can lose speed by walking up hills. Generally if you jump onto a hill then jump off on the first possible frame you don’t lose speed. On the other hand, walking down hills does not make you go faster

Moving platforms can be used to influence your speed. Specifically, the left or right moving platforms. These behave as expected: being on a platform moving right makes you go faster, being on a platform moving left slows you down.

The only time that I can recall a right moving platform not being utilized is in 2-1 where taking the right moving platform forces you onto the lower path which has many more stars, causing you to lose roughly 4 frames overall.

Tricks and Techniques


There is a hammer weapon that you can pick up which gives you double attack power. This is used in the run to beat the bosses in 4 hits rather than 8. Once you pick up the hammer, you keep it until you die.


Stars are scattered throughout the levels. Collecting them awards you points at the end of level screen. Each star takes 1 frame to tick down. As such stars are avoided when possible. Each star collected can simply be considered as 1 frame lost.

Pause Glitch

The pause button can be used to speed up certain loading screens. This is used in various points in the transitions between levels. This is an application of a general Master System glitch and is explained in more detail here: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=452590#452590

Boss Fighting

Boss fights are straightforward in that you hit them on the first frame that they become vulnerable and all bosses take 4 hits with the hammer. However, the ending of the boss fight only happens once you’re standing on ground and not swinging your hammer. So you have to make sure you land as soon as possible after the last hit on the boss. On top of this the boss fights are fairly laggy, so lag is reduced where possible.

Water Speed Cap Breaking

The water tries to apply a speed cap, but this speed cap is not applied if you aren’t holding right. This can be used to travel through water without losing speed, but after some time you do start losing speed. Interestingly, if you already pressed right and slowed down to the water speed cap, letting go of right during an underwater jump will allow you to speed back up to the land speed cap


Sadly this didn’t find a use in the run, but you can clip through blocks. This is achieved by jumping nearly high enough to get on top of a block, but just slightly too low. Then if you can make it far enough into a block, pressing left will prevent you from spitting out to the left. There seem to be 2 ways to do this. The first way is to use damage from an enemy to get into a block. The second way is to use the lower gravity from water. An example of clipping in water can be seen here: https://youtu.be/Msfx2tREJCk The clipping feels very similar to clipping in SMB1. I guess graphics aren’t the only thing that was “inspired” from the Mario series.

Water Physics on Land

If you clip out while underwater, you will retain the water physics on land. This is likely due to Toto not passing through the surface of the water. This can be seen in the video on clipping.

In Game Timer

If you wait 49 minutes of gameplay (carried across levels) you will get a strange screen with some text: https://youtu.be/GFXGM_3Ms60 If you wait a further 4 minutes on this screen you get a jingle, otherwise you can press 1 or 2 to return to gameplay. Apparently it figuratively translates to “Take a break.” (Thanks to Bloopiero who commented on the Youtube video with this translation)

Taking Damage

You will always be hit in the opposite direction to which you’re facing. Taking damage is slower in terms of horizontal movement, but it can be used to gain height or to get past some obstacles.

Candle Enemies

Usually hitting the candle enemies in world 6 doesn’t kill them, but on certain frames you can kill them.

feos: Decent movie, but not so good of a game. Run right for justice with a bit of basic platforming and enemies. Terrible, scary, mentally damaging music. Uncertain viewer feedback. Accepting to Vault.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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