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Submission #6206: kierio04's NES Super Mario Bros. "pacifist, coinless" in 05:11.67

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros.
Game version: JPN/USA PRG0
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0) [!].nes
Branch: pacifist, coinless
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.3
Movie length: 05:11.67
FrameCount: 18731
Re-record count: 1420
Author's real name: Kieran
Author's nickname: kierio04
Submitter: kierio04
Submitted at: 2018-12-27 02:08:11
Text last edited at: 2019-10-07 15:30:16
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (3665 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
In this TAS, you will see Mario attempt to defeat Bowser (and only Bowser) with zero coins.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Complete the game as fast as possible
  • No coins
  • No stomping enemies


This was irritating to TAS because of the wall jump in 8-1, but very fun because of the constant need to add some entertainment

Stage by stage comments

World 1-1

I have to go the long way through this stage because otherwise, I'm going through heaps of coins underground.

World 1-2

You must slow down in order to not stomp on either goomba. I took the slow pipe clip because it looks cleaner and from what I believe, doesn't lose a frame rule (21 frames).

World 4-1

There is nothing gltichfully interesting in this, so just watch Mario get dizzy for about 30 seconds.

World 4-2

Big problem. Taking the lower path to do the wall clip goes through 3 unavoidable coins. Taking the upper path goes through 3 unavoidable goombas. What do you do? Be patient. And then just barely jump over them and do the slow 2 backward bump method for the wrong warp. You also just barely hit the vine block, was very difficult.

World 8-1

You have to slow down after avoiding the koopa to not jump straight into the wall, and then later you must perform a wall jump in order to avoid two very annoying coins.

World 8-2

Another not-so-big-but-actually-kinda-tiny problem. Bullet bill glitch can only be done by stomping on an enemy. So a flagpole glitch is performed instead. The 3 koopas that always are jumping different ways could have ended badly, but luckily, they were being nice.

World 8-3

Nothing fun here, just me hoping that I won't need to jump in some awkward places.

World 8-4 (beginning)

  • Beginning: I almost didn't have to do any inputs except the stupidly long straight of nothingness.
  • Wall jump room: I am so glad that I didn't need to do any enemy manipulation to get rid of a piranha that would have ruined the TAS.
  • Turnaround room: SCREAM. Stupid cheep cheep ruined my fast decelerate/accelerate. But that's okay
  • Underwater section: Same as usual. Very dizzy Mario but underwater.
  • Ending: Normal, nothing useful. Oh, except the axe.

Other comments

I think you could probably save time in 1-1 by doing a wall clip into the floor to avoid the coins in the underground section. In 1-2, if someone could find a way to avoid the goombas without slowing down, and if the faster wall clip saves the frame rule then that could be used to improve the time. If a new type of shortcut is found to skip the waiting for the goombas to move out of the way, it could be a SIGNIFICANT improvement. IF you cou.d make it past the koopa without slowing down, then you would save at least 3 frames (possibly not the frame rule. If the wall jump was performed better (backward jump?), then you would accelerate faster and save at least 1 frame. If the cheep cheep disn't exist, then the fast decelerate/accelerate would be performed normally (it can pro ably be done better even with the cheep cheep).

Thank you and enjoy!

feos: Neither of these two goals looks particularly entertaining, unique, or challenging. You just stop in one spot and walljump in another, all the rest is basically the same as in [1715] NES Super Mario Bros. (JPN/USA PRG0) "warps" by HappyLee in 04:57.31. Moreover, there have been two submissions that avoid all coins, and both were rejected with huge amount of viewers failing to enjoy them. On top of that, this submission has since been beaten by the movie posted by chatterbox. Rejecting.

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