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Submission #6244: Mihoru's Arcade '88 Games in 13:00.33

Console: Arcade
Game name: '88 Games
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: hypsptsp.zip
Emulator: Mame-RR 0.139-v0.1 beta
Movie length: 13:00.33
FrameCount: 46820
Re-record count: 215
Author's real name: Theerapat Krywilas
Author's nickname: Mihoru
Submitter: Mihoru
Submitted at: 2019-01-26 15:46:17
Text last edited at: 2019-02-21 11:56:14
Text last edited by: Spikestuff
Download: Download (211269 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Mame-RR 0.139-v0.1 beta

Dip Setting

  • Difficulty: Hardest


Konami '88, released as '88 Games in North America and as Hyper Sports Special in Japan, is the third in the Track & Field game series by Konami, where players test their Olympic skills against other world-class athletes. As the title implies, it is loosely based on (but not licensed by) the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

The objective of the game is to compete in a series of Olympic events and beat the other players. The player must achieve the gold medal in each event in order to qualify for the next or the game will end.

Stage by stage comments

100m Dash

Race against the other athletes as well as the clock. This is just a warm-up compared to the events to come

Quality 11 Second.

Long Jump

Player dashes to the line, leaps, and propels his body as far as he is able. The player controls the speed and angle of the jump.

Quality 8 Meter.

400m Relay

Speed and timing are crucial in this event. Player must coordinate the baton hand-off perfectly for the best qualifying time. Quality 35 Second

Skeet Shooting

Player can aim left and right at the clay pigeons and must prove that he is a sure shot. A chance for bonus points is given for excellent marksmanship.

Quality 4000 Points

110m Hurdles

Player sprints down the track, timing his jumps perfectly to clear all of the hurdles and reach the finish line in time.

Quality 13 Second


This is a trial of the player's proficiency in using a bow and arrow. The player can decide the direction and force of the wind, which will help in demonstrating his skill as a sharpshooter.

Quality 5000 Points

Javelin Throw

The player darts to the line and throws the javelin with all his might. The player controls the height of the javelin.

Quality 90 Meter

High Jump

Another test of speed and strength as the player runs to the line and hurls his body over the bar. The player can control his angle above the bar.

Quality 2.32 Meter

400m Relay

The Final Race : The final test of physical training as the player faces the challenging relay again. Quality 34.50 Second

Other comments

I've Quality all, because like a olympic.

feos: The main problem with this movie is general sub-optimality. We have Movie Rules, and there we say: "Don't be lazy. We will try and beat your movie. We should hopefully not succeed. See the Guidelines on how to make a movie that meets the site's standards." Indeed we tried to beat the time records that this movie has, and we easily succeeded. As explained in the thread, this movie doesn't aim for fastest possible input, it only aims for input that is somewhat fast. I can tell that it wasn't done in real time, frame advancing was used, judging by input precise to a single frame. But it is in no way optimal.

In addition, this is a sports game, and it's really boring to watch, so it can only go to Vault. And in Vault, we have restrictions for sports games. The one directly applicable to this game is this one: "In sports that depend on a variety of environments or situations, such as golf, completion can be defined by clearing every environment or situation in the game." So this movie has to complete every sub-game as fast as possible. And it seems to be doing that, but it often wastes time on things unrelated to fastest completion, like setting several world records in a row, causing the unnecessary cutscenes. See the thread for more details. Also see this Guideline: "Be quick. Do not wait for anything if you can help it."

I should point out that for this game, the sub-game optimality can be judged by the in-game time, not by how long each sub-game takes, with all the non-gameplay content. Yet those non-gameplay events should be reduced, because that's a part of optimality.

Lastly, judging by the author's responses in the thread(s), I'm not sure if Mihoru understands what we're writing.

Mihoru, please pay attention to the discussion. Use google-translate if you need. Or write in your native language if you need. If you do not learn the goal of TASVideos, you may lose your ability to submit movies.


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