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Submission #6295: lexikiq's Linux INK "all coins" in 09:20.1

Console: Linux
Game name: INK
Game version: v1.0
ROM filename: INK/runner
Branch: all coins
Emulator: libTAS 1.3.3
Movie length: 09:20.1
FrameCount: 16803
Re-record count: 7440
Author's real name: Lexi Larkin
Author's nickname: lexikiq
Submitter: lexikiq
Submitted at: 2019-03-10 06:31:01
Text last edited at: 2020-07-12 19:28:59
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Version info:

libTAS version: 1.3.3

Annotation info:

INK "100%"

Made using INK v1.0 (current latest and only version of INK for Linux.), libTAS v1.3.3, and Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux 4.15.0)

libTAS must be compiled for 32-bit (as the game is 32-bit)

The Main Thread for Time Tracking must be set to clock_gettime()

Game executable is ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/INK/runner

Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

INK is a fast-paced platformer about using colorful paint to uncover your surroundings. You play as a cube who spreads ink through walking and double jumping where your goal is to get to the rainbow box at the end of every level. The box only opens up once every enemy is defeated. 100% collects each of the 20 different tokens spread throughout the levels.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: libTAS 1.3.3
  • Plays the game fast
  • Collects the collectables
  • Abuses unintended mechanics


General Movement

Your cube is very fast. Turning around is nearly instant. General walking is equally fast. Wall jumps are easily used to ascend large walls and occasionally used to save a few frames when turning around.

Cube Jumps

Quickly ascending is a very important part of movement in this game. Enemy cubes provide a very small bounce when landed on, but there are ways around this. Landing very closely to a cube allows you to jump while killing the cube at the same time, granting a much larger bounce than what the cube would provide. In situations where this doesn't work due to bad angles or positions, you can instead double jump as you land on the cube. If you've used your double jump already, you can hold jump to cancel out the cube's bounce, allowing you to land on whatever platform is beneath.

Boss Skips

For the first boss against the evil cube, we skip large amounts of waiting (and RNG) by hitting the boss on the same frame that it lands on the ground. This sets the boss to become damageable, but doesn't fully reset its speed value, resulting in it teleporting back up as if it was starting its hover phase while slowly floating down and remaining damageable. We then jump off to the side of the platform where the boss doesn't follow so we can hit the boss.

For the second and third boss, the cutscene after the bosses are killed are skipped by dying at the same time that the boss dies.

The final boss is supposed to move around the stage and force you to follow it while you dodge its laser beam and occasional projectiles. However, we can quite easily get it stuck beneath a platform to immediately hurt it before it can start trying to run away.


The game contains 20 tokens hidden throughout some of the levels. They do nothing besides making the player feel accomplished.

Other comments

Shoutouts to WillWare for gifting the game (and EZGames for the idea)

feos: I counted 20 coins collected in this movie, which is the same number the RTA full completion category has, and the same goal the Steam INKognito achievement requires. As discussed in the thread, this seems to be the only sane way to define full completion for this game, so the movie is valid as that.

Though I'm changing the branch label to reflect what is being collected, since there's no percentage counting in this game, aside from "all achievements" which would be pointless.

The flow if this movie feels the same as of its any% counterpart, and I admit that some coins are quite hard to find and grab, which adds to the entertainment, even though not a lot. There wasn't much feedback. If needed, this movie could be safely placed in Vault, but first it has to be proven to belong there. So I'm relying on the similarity to any% and accepting this to Moons, expecting some more exposure and movie ratings that we could use.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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