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Submission #6351: arkiandruski's DS Elite Beat Agents "low score" in 1:00:52.99

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: Elite Beat Agents
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Elite Beat Agents (U).nds
Branch: low score
Emulator: DeSmuMe 0.9.9 x64 (MSVC v1500)
Movie length: 1:00:52.99
FrameCount: 218544
Re-record count: 9266
Author's real name: Andrew Araki
Author's nickname: arkiandruski
Submitter: arkiandruski
Submitted at: 2019-04-01 10:09:07
Text last edited at: 2019-04-18 17:19:08
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (126404 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Elite Beat Agents Elite Beat Divas Low Score Entry write up:

This run plays on HARD ROCK! Difficulty. In order to unlock that, you must beat the game in Sweatin' difficulty, in order to play that, you must play on Cruisin' difficulty. Here's a verification movie that does just that.


This run has three goals:

It is possible to die in this game and very easy on the hardest difficulty, which means that unlike other rhythm games, you actually have to play it. Most of the time the failure cutscenes are funnier than the success cutscenes, some of them only make sense if you've seen the good ending, though.

I used very advanced techniques such as trial and error in order to make the best movie possible for all of you.

Possible improvements

I don't know, use a bot or something? I actually didn't try too hard, here.

Enjoy spending most of your time staring at the cleavage of a low-poly 3d model.

No encode because copyright lawyers scare me.

feos: This game is awful, disgusting, disturbing, terrible, horrible, it makes me barf, it stole my cookies, it killed my dog, it makes no sense, it entertains Hitler, and on top of it all, it promotes dancing. Everybody knows that dancing causes elephant lobotomy and Spikestuff ⃰.

Seriously though, this game doesn't offer any good dancing styles. Rejecting for not having this dance in the game:

(Link to video)

As for a regular TAS of this game, even for a movie that starts from power on and aims for fastest time, this game is basically timed. The markers appear at a given rate and you can't complete a level way faster by being way more optimal. It's possible to trade a bit of time by balancing error and score, but there's not enough player control to allow for a serious speed competition in my opinion.

* I have an official approval from him so keep your shirt on!

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