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Submission #6468: Wobmiar's GC Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles in 1:37:20.33

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles (Japan).iso
Emulator: Dolphin 5.0
Movie length: 1:37:20.33
FrameCount: 1050216
Re-record count: 70190
Author's real name: Laetia
Author's nickname: Wobmiar
Submitter: Wobmiar
Submitted at: 2019-07-27 00:42:59
Text last edited at: 2019-09-06 15:55:28
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (23828 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

She's beauty, she's grace, this game she's gonna ace!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a rpg created by Square Enix where you control a caravan and its members, and travel in a hostile world with dungeons and monsters. You collect drops of myrrh to protect your village, and go on a quest to find and destroy the source of the miasma that corrupts the world.

Sync Instructions

It's necessary to provide the game with a formatted memory card before being able to play the movie file.
  1. Set up a memory card in the Dolphin settings;
  2. Launch the game;
  3. When this screen appears, select the upper option twice and press X key;
  4. Now the movie file can be played.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Dolphin 5.0
  • Complete the game as fast as possible
  • Don't use any glitch


When I started the last cancelled TAS, it was because I discovered a new trick that makes me able to manipulate events to get the items I need. But unfortunately, I noted early on that it wasn't worth. Nonetheless, I had created a route using the Lilty class, wich has 1 more strength at start than the Selkie (used in the previous TAS). It proved to be very effective, and, saving time almost everywhere, this new run saves 64 seconds over the previous submission.

As always, Japanese version of the game is used more than ever because food boosts are kept between dungeons (for a certain time).

The route is very similar than the previous published TAS, main differences being related to the 1 strength difference. Per example, I eat more meat to get better stats. I also can skip some chest artifacts that I don't need anymore since I have enough strength. Adding to this, this TAS is simply BETTER. I improved a lot, and it shows with small optimisations here and there, some new techniques I discovered on the fly like using the monsters on the traps in Veo Lu Sluice, and bigger rng manipulated (shown mostly at the end of Kilanda).

The big change between this TAS and the last cancelled submission is the fact I skip master's weapon. As a consequence, I'm weaker and slower. BUT I skip taking the weapon scroll, I don't have to go to Marr's pass a second time, and I don't take mythril. My father is a merchant so I can sell him items. I answer one of his letters to make him mad, wich gets me better deals.


Even if it's close to be, it's never perfect. Manipulating rng costs frames, and it might always be possible to save some here and there. Still, RNG is way better in this TAS than the precedent. Also, Meteor Parasite is such a hard boss I can't imagine there's no way to make it faster.

I created recently a route that possibly is faster, by skipping Warrior's Weapon and tking Valiant Weapon, and manipulating an event. But for now, I'm a bit tired to TAS, I'm trying running the game RTA, so I will not test this hypothetically rout soon. I think it's important to publish this movie because, well, the last movie is old and obsolete.

Special thanks

  • Leossier, my best friend, always there for me
  • The speedrunning community of FFCC. I have the chance to have found the Discord channel and talked to a lot of nice people. Hello to all of them
  • The TAS community, wich is the reason this beautiful video can be made and published for others to see in the first place (a classic thank you)
  • ThunderAxe31, my judge, he always help me when in trouble, give me advices, and motivate me to get better at the game

Enjoy the movie everyone! :)

ThunderAxe31: Judging!

ThunderAxe31: Accepting as improvement over the current publication.

feos: Pub.

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