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Submission #6475: Technickle's SNES Top Gear 2 "all tracks" in 2:23:40.99

Console: Super NES
Game name: Top Gear 2
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Top Gear 2 (U) [!].smc
Branch: all tracks
Emulator: Bizhawk 2.3.2
Movie length: 2:23:40.99
FrameCount: 518111
Re-record count: 23093
Author's real name: Nicholas Hallock
Author's nickname: Technickle
Submitter: Technickle
Submitted at: 2019-08-04 01:49:06
Text last edited at: 2019-10-18 12:38:09
Text last edited by: Dacicus
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Top Gear 2 is an arcade simulation racing game made and developed by the company Kemco for the Super Nintendo and was released on September 15th, 1993.

The TAS will play through 16 countries … but only do 47 out of the 64 required races to reach the credits sequence.

This TAS will not just be racing … but also will be breaking the fabric of reality, and create parallel universes, as the ground suddenly disappears from existence. Prepare to watch as the car magically slams into objects and walls, and what you think is real, is actually just a simulation of the time-space continuum in and of itself.

YouTube Video:

(Link to video)

Twitch VOD Showcase of the TAS: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/462143498

Game Objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.3.2
  • Uses Wall Glitches to Finish Certain *Races Faster
  • Skips Naming File to Save Time
  • Plays on Hardest Difficulty
  • Starts from a New Game File "(Start)"


This TAS was created using BizHawk 2.3.2 (the current newest version released).


Stock V-6 = I keep this same engine for quite some time, but later in the run allows me to upgrade 4 races earlier than normal.

5-Speed Overdrive = I buy this gearbox upgrade in Australasia: Ayers Rock - This will allow me to maintain enough speed to get into to first place, while as maintain it throughout the race.

Kemco Rain Slicks = I buy the best-wet tires in Australasia: Sydney, however, I still keep the money earned and don't buy the nitro upgrade quite yet. The best-wet tires will not make your car slip as often, even at higher speeds.

Total Boost 600-R = I finally buy the best nitro upgrade in Britain: London - This was a good purchase because I wanted to go just long enough to rack up money, and buy something better than if I were to get the third best nitro: "Super Boost-400" @ Sydney.

5-speed Close Ratio = I buy the third-best Gearbox in Britain: Stonehenge - This upgrade allows for more speed, but, at the same time also allows to maintain the speed given after using a nitro, it's not the best gearbox, as I will get that a little later in the run, but, this does the job for time being.

Screamin' V-12 = I finally buy the best engine in France: Bordeaux. This engine allows me to get a lot of speed rather quickly, and also will allow me to maintain the speed gotten overall.

Kemco Racing Slicks + 6-speed Race Tranny = I buy the last two "required" upgrades of run in France: Paris - Now that the car is completely upgraded with "required" upgrades, The races will now just fly by in a jiffy.


About the Run

100% New Game Glitched is a category for Top Gear 2. This categories main intent is to allow the player to play all tracks with the given exception of using glitches to either skip laps or finish races 30 seconds after they start. This TAS run I have created goes through 47/64 tracks located in the game. The TAS skips laps and also skips entire races. When I created this TAS I wasn't sure where to begin, because I was limited, and I had limited options to work with. I persevered and stuck with it all the way through. This TAS completes 100% New Game, Hard, Glitched with a time of 2:23:40.99 | 32 Minutes and 16 Seconds faster than an RTA run.

About the Category

100% New Game, Hard, Glitched Rules State: The 100% New Game Glitched Category *requires* the player to go through the entire game with the exception of being able to use wall glitches, no restrictions. Timing starts from Console on, Press start on the upgrade screen of Australasia - Auckland with $0 and no upgrades purchased. (changing car color is fine as it is not a purchase).

100% requires these upgrades:

- Best Engine - Best Wet and Dry Tires - Best Gearbox - Best Nitro -Armor - Front and Side (Optional)

Stop the timer when you have successfully crossed the finish line on the 3rd lap of the United States - San Francisco (or in this case with the TAS the last meaningful input) which is the last Money screen after San Francisco.

Wall Glitches

During this run, you will notice I will be exploiting the game in unintended ways, to either skip laps or just finish the race outright. This is known as Wall Glitches. Wall Glitches have a weird property to them, and not all walls work the same way. Some walls require really precise inputs to execute the correct action. For example: If you are holding the X button the entire time, then press B for 1 frame, etc the wall might skip laps or finish the race right away. This is certainly a game exploit and should be treated as such.

Why Manual?

In Top Gear 2 you have the choice of choosing between two types of transmissions. You can choose either Automatic or Manual transmission. In this TAS and for every TAS that I or others make of this game, will likely always have a manual transmission. With the use of a manual, the run is a lot quicker. Why? The reason is faster acceleration, along-side faster startups. Overall, manual will typically save anywhere between 6 and 9 seconds respectively per track.


  • Australasia - Auckland, Ayers Rock, Canterbury Plains, Sydney

  • Britain - Loch Ness, London, Sheffield, Stonehenge

  • Canada - Banff, Niagra Falls, Toronto, Vancouver

  • Egypt - Abu Sunbul, Aswan, Cairo, Hugh Sitton(Giza Pyramids)

  • France - Bordeaux, Monaco, Nice, Paris

  • Germany - Bavaria, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich

  • Greece - Athens, Meteora, Mykonos, Santorini

  • India - Amber Port, Bombay, Delhi, Taj Mahal

  • Ireland - Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Limerick

  • Italy - Florence, Pisa, Rome, Sicily

  • Japan - Hiroshima, Kyoto, Toyko, Yokohama

  • Scandinavia - Copenhagen, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Stockholm

  • South America - Chile, Mexico, Peru, Rio De Janeiro

  • Spain - Andalusia, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville

  • Switzerland - Geneva, Grunwald, Lucerne, Zurich

  • The United States - Los Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco

Races Skipped Via Laps or Entirely

  • London

  • Banff

  • Hugh Sitton

  • Bordeaux

  • Meteora

  • Santorini

  • Bombay

  • Taj Mahal

  • Dublin

  • Galway

  • Pisa

  • Hiroshima

  • Mexico

  • Peru

  • Seville

  • Geneva

  • Los Angeles

Improvements that can be made for this TAS

  • Figuring out Left-side merge barrier wall glitches

Things left for this game for TAS'ing

  • Possibly a Low% Hard New Game TAS (Which is kinda interesting, because Low% is not really Low% as you can upgrade so you don't lose)

My Experience as a TASer

Like my previous TAS'es I have made, none of them actually were great, to be honest. With this TAS, however, it's a different experience, especially having to actually navigate using what is given and when it is obtainable. This not only makes the glitches A LOT more difficult, but gives me a good challenge overall, and I managed to overcome in the end.

When I first started TAS'ing I, of course, chose Top Gear 2 for SNES, as I have been speedrunning the game for almost 5 1/2 years. Another runner of the username: RallyFTW, was the first person who actually left an impression towards me and this game, which then inspired me to start all of this process.

My Future TAS Plans

  • Top Gear 3000 AKA The Planets Champ (JP)
I have been dabbling in Top Gear 3000 as of late. Currently, I have two TAS'es going right now: Top Gear 3000 New Game Hard,| Top Gear 3000 Low% Hard (which is almost impossible to do without upgrading).

Reference Picture for Thumbnail: https://i.gyazo.com/568515908abab71a55d6eacc1eabe751.png

feos: Judging...

feos: Cleaned-up the branch label.

feos: It was a really long ride, both literally and figuratively.

The first subject I questioned was optimality, and just like with #6148: jmosx36's SNES Top Gear in 1:27:34.66, the key in this game is routing and resource management. So I gained some frames by shifting gears and using initial nitro more optimally, but it was quite hard to beat this movie on the scale of entire tracks. I didn't originally arrive sooner on the first track, it required several attempts to beat this movie's time. And on the last track, I only did the first loop 50 frames sooner, but couldn't finish the race sooner overall. So yes, this run can be optimized quite a bit, but it'd still be non-trivial to improve the overall times. So I think the technical quality is acceptable.

The goal is trickier than I believed a year ago. The password glitch can be considered a major skip glitch, and avoiding it doesn't mean the movie completes anything internally defined by the game as optional. Here's what the rules say:

  • Full completion can only consist of optional one-time, irreversible, or otherwise strictly limited accomplishments that can be objectively measured and maximized.
  • Conditions that are imposed unofficially by players are only eligible if they originate from fundamental game-play features.
Avoiding a glitch is clearly a self-imposed condition. However the result is quite clearly a full game completion, because all tracks are played, and that's indeed a fundamental gameplay feature. You can use passwords to play from a given country, or you can play the whole thing in one go. We don't allow skipping ahead via passwords. But we allow game breaking glitches, and in this game, the password glitch doesn't involve entering anything as a code, so 1) it's a legitimate glitch, and 2) it effectively simulates in-game password behavior but allowing you to skip ahead via glitch abuse. So we end up having the same options as the game officially has.

A similar thing happened with [962] N64 Glover (USA) "all stages" by adelikat in 37:15.28, which is in Vault and doesn't use internally defined options to complete maximum of the game: that movie just existed as an any% branch before the major glitch skip was found by Nahoc. And the decision was to leave that movie as a full game completion, which is fundamentally a vaultable category.

To be sure, I asked other judges and no one minded using the same logic for this submission. On the other hand, we shouldn't add the "100% completion" class to the publication. Yet I think the current branch makes more sense than having this as a blank label and the potential "USA%" run as a "password glitch" movie: to emphasize that this movie contains full game completion.

Accepting to Vault.

Dacicus: Processing...

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