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Submission #6711: Asumeh's NES Super Mario R. (SMB1 Hack) "8-4%" in 01:20.2

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario R. (SMB1 Hack)
Game version: JPN/USA PRG0
ROM filename: Super Mario R. by DahrkDaiz (SMB1 Hack).nes
Branch: 8-4%
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2 (and a half)
Movie length: 01:20.2
FrameCount: 4820
Re-record count: 256
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Asumeh
Submitter: Αsumeh
Submitted at: 2020-04-01 20:31:09
Text last edited at: 2020-04-05 10:55:44
Text last edited by: Mothrayas
Download: Download (1232 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:


Super Mario R. is a Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack created by DahrkDaiz that randomizes the enemies, color palettes, and even levels (Except the starting 1-1) in which the player will go against with every completion of the levels and/or reset on the consoles.

In this TAS, I aim to beat World 8-4, the last level of the entire game, in the fastest amount of time possible.


  • Beat World 8-4 (the last level) in the fastest amount of time
  • Manipulate luck to start World 8-4 after World 8-1
  • Rescue Princess Toadstool
  • Or is it a Toad?
  • Eh, I dunno...
  • Ah shit, here we go again.

Stage by stage comments

World 1-1

Oh, good ole 1-1. Don't you miss those first enemies that do the meanest work on you, only to get ultimately destroyed by you? No? Oh well.

First room (Main level)

In World 1-1, I find myself to be placed in a dark-skyed area with gray and white bushes and white pipes. Oddly, the coins and coin blocks don't shine whatsoever.

Nevertheless, this is a simple "sprint to the finish" scenario for the first part of the level, other than a few misplaced enemies (the first Goomba is a flame, the second Goomba is a Blooper, and the paired Goombas after are non-moving Spinies). There can be a continuation of flames seen as well, as I head for the fourth pipe to warp to the bonus room. This is because taking the warp pipe to the underground bonus room is faster than having to go for the entire course on foot.

Bonus room

The coins still don't shine as I quickly make my way to and fro the bonus room. Hmm, I wonder why?

First room (Main level)

I'm greeted by unreplaceable flames instead of two Goombas, and unfortunately, they have strange hitboxes. No use trying to go under or over them here. I make my way through the middle of the flames and below the blocks without any trouble.

Now, here's when things get a bit interesting. I get near the flag, slow down, and wait for luck to be on my side. 7 frames after the TIME hits 368, I proceed to touch the flagpole and move on. Sorry, peeps. No FPG here :(

World 8-4

First room

The first room displays a bright blue color with no liquid of any kind. Strange how you'd be thinking right now that this is supposed to be a castle. Well, it is. Just a bit drained and such, not more to say.

I just make my way up and over the three firebars that "momentarily" stops my path and I get to the warp pipe to send me to the next room.

Second room

Same color palettes.

A couple of flames try to stop me at the start. Do I fret? Oh, no no no. Just a leap over them was just the technique I needed! (And of course, a walljump onto the warp pipe to the next room, but yeah. You get what I mean.)

Third room

Still the same color palettes as the first room.

Barely a change though with how I'm supposed to go through this next room. I just make my way around and back to execute the wrong warp (trigger the penultimate warp pipe to warp me to the next room instead of back to the first) with ease.

Fourth room

What a surprise! We've got a swap here!

Black background palettes and still no water? We have a shocker here! Hmm, maybe the water is pretty deep...

And the enemies have finally gotten back to their roots to swap into different lifeforms. I decided, "Hey, why not? Let's have a little fun swimming around them while I'm headed for my goal."

Fifth room (last room!)

Everything's back to the way it was since the third room... except for the water.

Tricky firebar? Hammer Bro? They're no match for me.

And soon after, I make my way for the ax and stop Bowser in his tracks, finally ending with rescuing...

TOAD?! Yeah, I was disappointed of the expectation of rescuing Princess Toadstool coming out as false. But if 0978 (SomePickles) can end with beating World 8-4, I can settle with that, too.

World 2-4?

Eh, screw it. I've got better things to do. Besides, I already beat World 8-4. Not gonna try and beat it again, ya chumps. Frankly, y'all, I don't give a damn. 8)

Comments and other stuff

It was a pretty fun experience, and I'm glad I TAS'ed this hack. A short project, but hell, I thought it was pretty fun. ^_^ Oh, and for those asking how you can get the hack to play the run yourself, you can try and find a download link to the ROM hack yourself, but you can also get it in just a few clicks. Here is where you can download the IPS patch for the hack.

Suggested frame: 1071


Special thanks to...
  • TASVideos - for being an inspiration to TAS'ing
  • HappyLee - for presumed help with guiding me to TAS'ing Super Mario Bros. for the NES (I used his run for reference and I didn't copy his run in any way, so shut up ;) )
  • Masterjun - for being comical when he judged my last run
  • You, for watching and enjoying my run. If you did. If you didn't then don't be an ass about it, it's April Fools day and I just to make a semi-serious submission, u jealous???

Mothrayas: Rejecting for various reasons:

  • The hack, at a surface level, only makes simple and marginal level edits. Sure, the level randomizing thing is neat, but that does not add to the viewer experience, which is crucial for hack publications.
  • It fails my checks for notability. If I search the hack name and author name, the search engines I use output this submission between 2nd and 6th depending on the exact query, which isn't a good sign. The others are listings of this hack between piles of many, many other SMB1 hacks. There is nothing that makes it stand out, or appear as popular or notable.
  • The movie does not beat the game. After 8-4, it simply goes on to 2-4 as randomly selected. You did not save the princess, either.

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