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Submission #6764: ViGadeomes's GBC Harvest Moon 3 GBC "Girl mode" in 17:36.88

Console: Game Boy Color
Game name: Harvest Moon 3 GBC
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Harvest Moon 3 GBC (U) [C][!].gbc
Branch: Girl mode
Emulator: BizHawk 2.4
Movie length: 17:36.88
FrameCount: 63125
Re-record count: 25185
Author's real name: Arthur L.
Author's nickname: ViGadeomes
Submitter: ViGadeomes
Submitted at: 2020-05-28 20:52:58
Text last edited at: 2020-07-08 09:37:14
Text last edited by: ViGadeomes
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • BizHawk 2.4 - GBHawk core
  • Fastest Completion as a Girl
  • Be married <3 (once more)


This game can be played as Girl or Boy. For the girl, you have two different ways to finish the game :
  • be married with your partner
  • Completing the 3 years available

Since the Marriage is faster, we do it here.

The goal is here to increase the affection of our partner as fast as possible. To do so, we will take a milk the first day and use a duplication glitch that will permit us to give him one milk every day.

Day by day comments


We setup our character here, nothing really important instead the fact that we put our birthday at the very first day of the game we will then have a gift which will be a bag with more space useful to stock as much milk as possible.

Duplication day

at first, we will have to wait 8:00 am to perform the duplication glitch so we have time, I take my dog (only the first day) to put him outside because otherwise he would be on my way every days after (we lose some 4 frames but it would be a manipulation of the dog everyday if he is on our way !). We go outside by the bottom side to reduce the lag from the loading time (when a door has to be opened, the loading time is longer and in this case we lose time). then we go taking the milk from our cow (only the first day).

Now, to trigger the duplication glitch, we need 3 objects of the same type, to do so, we can go in the mountain where there will be grapes or cherries. We then leave the farm by the bottom, I run at the last frame because if we walk, the in-game time will pause during a longer time and we lose frames (around 33).

In the mountain, we take the cherries/grapes and come back to the farm. To leave it, we run again for the same reason. Back to the farm, we go in our stock to trigger the duplication glitch, we then enter our house by the top (for in game time) and we then wait 8:00am. at 8:00am we call the Farmer's association to perform a shipment.

We begin the selling of our 3 objects by pressing DOWN to go from 0 to 3 and then we cancel. From this point, the next object that we will sell will be duplicated ! Now, we can go on the milk and try to sell as much milks as we want for example 0 is good :>. The game thinks we want to sell 3 milks but it doesn't matter we sell the milk and now the number of milk in our stock underflew from 0 to 255.

From there, we go in our stock by the top door (now, only normal time matters) to go in our stock and we take our milks. now, we can give our first milk to our partner and go to bed.

normal days

Here, the only need is to give our partner the milk of the day and go to bed as fast as possible.

Event days

As the affection of our partner increases, some events can be triggered at certain steps, And we need to do all of them to finish by the marriage proposal (and some gives extra affection as well). We need to talk to our partner the day before to see how he feels after saying that he doesn't need to work today.

The events can be seen there : https://fogu.com/hm3/e/events.html .

Stock Filling days

As the only 3 duplication days aren't sufficient (we have a bag with 16 places) and we need some 8 extra milks. I'm using the fact that the stock refresh an object in after 7 days, to take extra milks that I need one or six days after the duplication days (every time we go in our stock, all our objects in the bag disappear (maybe a consequence of the duplication glitch and that fact that there is too much of the same object in the stock x) ).

Also, an important point, objects put in the stock will disappear after 7 days, this is why we have to do the duplication glitch 3 times sadly.

End section of the TAS

By going outside the house to go to the cliff and do the marriage proposal event, I had to lose one frame to avoid an very rare event when a bird takes off...

After the event, we need to wait some days for the marriage and then, a lot of dialogs...

RAM addresses

1475 In-Game Hours (6am->midnight)
1477 In-Game Minuts (0->40 secs)
1478 In-Game Seconds (0->60 frames)
1854 Milk in the stock (first duplication)
1856 Milk in the stock (second duplication)
1859 Milk in the stock (third duplication)
1A32 Partner's affection

Little note

Sorry to do not having try to resync the movie on new releases of BizHawk but I didn't have the motivation to do so on top of the rest.

Possible improvements

Finding a way to avoid the stock disappearance would save a lot of time.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to DezertPenguin8 who found the duplication glitch and made a first routing of the category.
  • Thanks to ibums, WRman of the category, who improved the routing by adding new little stuffs.

ThunderAxe31: Judging.

ThunderAxe31: This movie puts use of useful glitches and proper route planning in order to reach the ending as fast as possible. On the other hand, it's a very repetitive watch that gets old quick, so I can't really consider it for anything else than Vault.

The goal for this movie features the fastest way of beating the game, as of current knowledge. In addition to that, I have to note that I come to the conclusion that the two playable characters should be considered as different game modes; for more details, read the judgement note for the Boy mode submission. As such, accepting this movie as a separate publication from the Boy mode.

fsvgm777: Processing. Zinfidel is going to handle the encodes for this movie.

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