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Submission #6813: Wobmiar's GC Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles in 1:35:43.08

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles (Japan).iso
Emulator: Dolphin 5.0
Movie length: 1:35:43.08
FrameCount: 1032729
Re-record count: 59349
Author's real name: Laetia
Author's nickname: Wobmiar
Submitter: Wobmiar
Submitted at: 2020-07-21 18:50:05
Text last edited at: 2020-08-06 15:07:28
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (24072 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

I love you Kupo! <3

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a rpg created by Square Enix where you control a caravan and its members, and travel in a hostile world with dungeons and monsters. You collect drops of myrrh to protect your village, and go on a quest to find and destroy the source of the miasma that corrupts the world.

Sync Instructions

It's necessary to provide the game with a formatted memory card before being able to play the movie file.
  1. Set up a memory card in the Dolphin settings;
  2. Launch the game;
  3. When this screen appears, select the upper option twice and press X key;
  4. Now the movie file can be played.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Dolphin 5.0
  • Complete the game as fast as possible


Note: I'm very sorry to submit a new TAS right after you finished publishing the precedent TAS. I really appreciate all your work and I feel a bit bad for you working on something that might last not long. Thank you for all the time you take, you guys are awesome!

So a new TAS uh. Didn't I say there was no timesave left in the last submission? Too bad I guess, because we found out some months later that japanese people were speedrunning this game with a glitch, a glitch that is actually pretty useful in this TAS. So, what's different? Three things: Sign Glitch, Mog Push and Kilanda Skip. I'll explain these more in details.

First, Kilanda Skip. I named it like that because, in all normal speedruns, we go to Kilanda at the end of year 4. It's a fast dungeon, and gives good strength artifacts. But I was thinking, maybe taking the boat takes too long, what other dungeon can I do? So I decided to do Mushroom Forest cycle 3 instead. This skips the need to get 500 gils, since we don't take the boat, and reduces a lot of time due to less loading zones and less overworld movement. In total, this saves approximately 20 seconds. The reroute also consist of not taking Sasuke's Blade in Mushroom Forest cycle 2, since we take it in cycle 3 instead :P

Sign Glitch, probably the most interesting glitch in the game after Infinite Gil Glitch, can be triggered while reading something (a sign, mostly) and taking damage at the same time. This puts the character in an interesting state where he takes priority over everything. That means we can basically push everything pushable in the game, at normal speed. It's used in River Belle Path cycle 1 and 2, to kill monsters sooner and push them to get their keys close to the fence. But mostly, it's used to push the chalice in the miasma streams. It's faster than carrying them by 1.5 to 2 seconds. In total, another 20 seconds saved.

And last, the dumbest thing I've ever created, Mog Push. Uuuuuurgh. It's simple: when Mog gets tired, I push him. It's inspired by sign glitch, but the difference is that Mog is a piece of ****. His hitbox is super hard to move correctly, and finding the perfect frame is just some luck. Pushing Mog is useful in Mushroom Forest cycle 2 and 3, but mostly in Lynari Desert, where I need to walk a LOT with him, in a hot environment (so he gets tired faster). Sign glitch and Mog push might look like unoptimised, and it might be true for some parts, but like I said, it's really hard and I did what I could. 20 seconds again.

I also rerouted a bit the money collecting, as I only take 2 Worm Antennaes (500 gils each) in Tida, and I don't have tailor as my father's job. Instead I picked up the rancher job, which gives me enough meat to skip collecting a +3 strength artifact in Veo Lu Sluice cycle 2 (and also get through the rest of the game). I also take money from him almost each years to compensate for the lack of money. With a 200 gils in a chest in Mushroom Forest cycle 3, this makes just enough to finish the game. Talking about Mushroom Forest cycle 3, did I talk about the boss? No? Ok then. IT'S THE WORST THING EVER. It wasn't meant to be beaten with so low defense and strength. At half health, he stops using the only attack that can't damage you. I still miraculously managed to kill him in 39 seconds, which is a lot, but also very quick for what I had to work with.

The rest of the run is very similar, tho optimised a lot. I shaved some seconds in total by saving frames here and there. And I'm super happy about it :D


There will always be timesaves, tho this time, it's more than just rng. Mog Push and Sign Glitch are 2 complex tricks that involves moving a lot (including even sometimes moving backward to not pass through Mog or the chalice). So it might be visible where maybe it could save time, some frames, maybe seconds, I'm not very sure, because it's really about getting lucky to place yourself correctly. Otherwise, everything that was in the previous TAS was the same or better (except Goblin Wall because bad rng I 'm not really sure). So really not a lot of timesave left ;)

1h36 was a goal for a long time. Now that I got 1h35, I can say I'm done. Unless we find SOMETHING, there's no way I'm beating this. I might work on other TASes of this game in the future, like 100%

Special thanks

  • Leossier, my best friend, always there for me
  • The speedrunning community of FFCC. I have the chance to have found the Discord channel and talked to a lot of nice people. Hello to all of them
  • Manaclaw and TRS, two FFCC runners that were always there to support me. Also, the protagonist of the TAS is named after TRS's character
  • The TAS community, which is the reason this video can be made and published for others to see in the first place. It's a classic thank you, but I want to make it special here, because I really really really appreciate your work, you do so much, and I don't care if my run takes a year to get published, I know you're doing your best
  • ThunderAxe31, my judge, he always helps me when in trouble, gives me advices, and motivates me to get better at the game

Enjoy the movie everyone! :)

Suggested screenshot


VI:113276 Imput:766656

Shows Sign Glitch and a funny character we don't see often

ThunderAxe31: Judging.

ThunderAxe31: The fact that the last three bosses took more time to be beaten is due to a route difference, which does actually save time overall, so the improvement is considered optimal.

Accepting as improvement over the previous movie.

feos: Already encoding.

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