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Submission #6832: Ubercapitalist's GC Resident Evil 4 "The Mercenaries: Waterworld" in 08:36.57

Console: Nintendo GameCube
Game name: Resident Evil 4
Game version: USA
ROM filename: G4BE08-disc2.iso
Branch: The Mercenaries: Waterworld
Emulator: Dolphin 5.0-10833
Movie length: 08:36.57
FrameCount: 61933
Re-record count: 22248
Author's real name: Ron H.
Author's nickname: Ubercapitalist
Submitter: Ubercapitalist
Submitted at: 2020-08-02 02:34:24
Text last edited at: 2020-09-03 23:32:39
Text last edited by: Zinfidel
Download: Download (38288 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
"Destroying Angel: Reap & execute divine judgment upon el Aguamundo"

(Link to video)

Goal: Maximum Score


About The Mercenaries

Mercenaries is unlocked by completing the main game. It is a timed minigame with the objective of scoring the most points before time runs out. Per the intro of a map "Eliminate as many Ganados as you can before your evac chopper arrives! Successive kills will result in earning you more points!" Initially only Leon is selectable. There are four other characters playable when unlocked after scoring 30000+ points in one of the four (unofficially named) maps:

Each map starts with two minutes of gameplay time, and time extensions are spread throughout the map. Item menu, item grabs, and cutscenes do not consume game time. Gameplay ends when the player dies, or when time runs out (the player is "rescued" by a chopper).

Each map has three Bonus Chest timers. Each gives 31 seconds during which time extra points are awarded for each regular enemy kill. The majority of effort put into this TAS was spent optimizing the Bonus Chests, with kills being registered with few frames to spare.

Wesker is the best character for achieving Highest Score in this stage. The enemy AI is aggressive. Enemies run into the player's line of sight, meaning less time is wasted hunting, and more time is focused on killing and moving to the next objective. Wesker has the best weapon selection.

See Baxter's scoring guide on Gamefaqs for more details HERE.

Spawning: The enemy spawning is very complicated on this map. 10 ganados can be on the map at a time, and some single time spawn groups can place enemy count above 10.

The Waterworld utilizes a "Spawn Glitch" where for each respawning zone, if the player leaves the zone and there is only one Ganado left to respawn, when the player returns to that zone, five ganados will spawn in its place. In order to get all 156 kills this glitch must be utilized for every spawn zone. This is the reason for hovering around a spawn zone border, jumping between zones and getting kills needed to activate the glitch. More info can be found in Head Minerve's video HERE.

Manipulations: The reason for number of Re-Records:

Luck (RNG) is based on actions the player takes. RNG was manipulated throughout the run by trial and error. A little RNG manipulation was used for ammo (handgun ammo and hand grenades). RNG manipulation achieved the following:

Enemy AI was manipulated to:

Wesker's Arsenal:



The character runs faster with a grenade equipped, however switching inventory takes time so this is rarely used unless a grenade is actually needed for use.


Iterative Optimization: The Cooperative Pursuit of the "Perfect Score"

Real Time Runs:

Major kudos to these players. It takes pure memorization and timing to get the spawning right, something even using TAS was very difficult to overcome.

Potential Improvements:

Highest Score Links:

The Mercenaries High Scores, Vol. 14 Atwyatt's GameFAQs topic kept the ideas coming. Each volume prior was 500 posts.

Cyberscore This site was briefly used before Shin's site for some players like myself

Shin's Site(No longer exists?) This used to be "the" place to log Mercenaries High Scores and Main Game Speedrun Times.

Special Thanks to:
Playing the .dtm file on Dolphin:

Use Dolphin 5.0-10833 with included dsp files. Do not use 3x, 5x or 7x internal resolution, or a desync occurs before the start of the second bonus chest.

Use the following memory card file with Mercenaries and Wesker unlockedMemoryCardA.USA.7z. You may need to export its contents to GCI folder to get the files to read.

Verification run to generate above memory file: Full instructions are HERE Verified by Fog here.

Play this Mercenaries:Waterworld submission on Disc 2. It desyncs on Disc 1.

Other info for judging/publishing:

There is no way to change the RNG in the initial menus. The gameplay was reset in order to begin at correct spawn point (on the tower). An alternative would have been to create a modified verification movie to manipulate RNG so Wesker starts on the tower on first attempt.

Similar Movies Castle Stage, Village Stage

Suggested Screenshot: VI 8082 (Ganados flying).

Native aspect ratio is 4:3 letterboxed to 16:9. Please crop out the letterboxing if encoded.

slamo: Replaced the movie file with a 68 frame improvement.

slamo: Another excellent optimization effort on this one. It beats the highest known non-assisted score and it does it very efficiently.

As with the Village run that I judged, this movie is save-anchored and not Vault-eligible. Therefore, it must offer different enough content from the other Mercenaries runs to be published. I feel like the overall level layout is more open and vertical than the other maps, which presents a significantly different challenge than the other movies, so I believe it can coexist with the other Mercenaries runs.

Feedback was very good, and I am always entertained by these movies (my personal highlight is shooting a guy while he's falling). Accepting to Moons.

Zinfidel: Processing.

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