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Submission #6861: Crash41596's PSX Medievil in 23:58.54

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Medievil
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Medievil (USA).bin SCUS-94227
Emulator: Bizhawk v
Movie length: 23:58.54
FrameCount: 86226
Re-record count: 24706
Author's real name: Matthew Leblanc
Author's nickname: Crash41596
Submitter: Crash41596
Submitted at: 2020-08-29 06:30:04
Text last edited at: 2020-09-23 23:40:46
Text last edited by: Crash41596
Download: Download (64811 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

(Link to video)

Time: 24:14 TAS 23:30 RTA

Medievil is a PS1 platforming/hack n slash game based off of a undead medieval knight Sir Daniel Fortesque, and his quest to restore Gallowmere and it's people to normal, from the tyranny of Zarok.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk
  • Fastest Completion
  • Damage Abuse
  • Heavy Glitch Abuse
  • Luck Manipulation
  • Movement Tech


When I first started speedrunning medievil the game was 50 minutes long. it's been 7 long years, and that time has been pretty much cut in half. Several new glitches were found, methods of doing things better were discovered, and new movement tech was found/utilized.

Inventory Glitch

The inventory Glitch allows you to effect Dan's movement while the game is in the inventory for a brief moment, this is very helpful through out the run. While in the inventory, actors and any other sort of triggers are disabled, and Dan cannot take damage.

Level Looping

To simplify this glitch, essentially the inventory glitch is used to make Dan jump into the void while in the inventory, causing him to be immune to death. Once past the death trigger you can exit the inventory to move freely. Once Dan hits the bottom of the world, he gets placed to the top of the level cycling through the z coordinates.

Half Loop

By reaching a area that either warps Dan, or triggers the level to end by the time you hit the bottom of the level during a level loop, will activate that actor. This is only possible in certain areas such as Haunted Ruins, and Enchanted Earth

Knock back Dash / Knock back

Most weapons in this game cause a knock back when it is hit against a wall. In this run the clubs alternate attack (Which is used to solve puzzles including fire) is used to gain speed that is normally not obtainable. To do so you must run at a wall, then use the alt attack for 2 frames, and then either jump or dash jump in the opposing direction. Dan's normal walking speed is 27/28, and 56 whillst daring dashing, the maximum speed that I have personally gotten from this technique is 97 under certain conditions. This is very useful through out the run.

Camera locking

The camera in this game is a huge pain, and can cause sloppy movement everywhere, but there is a way to correct that. By chaining jumps you are able to control movement much better than normally walking. This is used mainly before I get daring dash.

Comments by Level

Dan's Crypt

I skip the small sword to save a little bit of time, and finish the level normally grabbing the only life bottle I will get for the rest of the run. The small sword is not very useful.

The Graveyard

This level is normal for the most part. I end up using a skip to climb over a tree to save a few seconds, and a chest boost, which follows the same rules as a knock back dash.

Cemetery Hill

I am able to skip the witch talisman, since I will not be getting the dragon armor. This allows me to climb up the mountain to the exit right away. I use a clip, and a chest boost to climb the mountain a little faster. It was also found that you can skip the cutscene at the top of the mountain.

Hilltop Mausoleum

I grab the club in this level which is faster to get than the previous level

Return to the Graveyard

I combined the yellow rune skip, with a knock back to gain massive speed.

Enchanted Earth

I manipulate the frogs to gain some speed from their attacks, and this is the first major showcase of the knock back dash of the run. The level loop that is used is a half loop.

Pools of the Ancient Dead

The goal of this level is to use the fat enemies to get to the exit trigger. When you knock back off of them they give you massive speed due to a certain attack they do. The main challenge is getting the enemy over to the correct spot. The distance they're moved is dependent on their animation, which was a bit of a challenge.

The Lake

I clip into the exit at the yellow rune. Level Looping here is slower.

Crystal Caves

What dragon? I will not be getting the dragon armor for unknown reasons, so I just knock back dash to the exit.

The Gallows Gauntlet

This is where the run takes a huge left turn. It has been known for more than a decade that you can clip inside of the dragon fire gate, but it has never be known on how to get out. The exact method that I used was actually tested by the previous taser of this category, but it was overlooked, and called not possible. I personally have been trying to find a way out since I started running this game, and while I was tasing the game with the old any% route I decided to try this method, and it worked. This meant I had to restart the tas. This glitch saves well over 10 minutes, and is this games version of Spyro 2's Gulp Skip. Being able to complete this level without dragon armor means you do not have to visit the entire right side of the map, thus skipping all of those levels, and any key items those levels require. The problem that I encountered while tasing this trick was the enemies. When you use the alternate attack on the club it tends to aim at near by enemies, so I had to manipulate the enemies to be away from where I do the knock back dash. After you escape the gate, you grab the yellow rune and finish the level.

Haunted Ruins

I use 2 level loops in this level. The first loop is a half loop to hit the trigger for a room that leads to a key item (the crown) which you need to make the exit trigger active. The 2nd loop is a new loop that was discovered recently. After giving the crown to king peregrin the exit trigger, which is the catapult will become active. This loop saves us from having to fight the rock golems.

Ghost Skip

Just a normal level loop to the exit trigger. This skips the pirate captain boss fight

Entrance Hall

Just the normal path to the end, nothing too fancy

The Time Device

Just like Ghost Ship you can immediately level loop to the end of the level xD

Zarok's Lair

This was definitely the hardest level of them all to tas. The amount of rng manipulation is crazy. I use this glitch called the soldier despawn glitch, which allows you to fight a certain amount of zarok's men at a time. You may be wondering why I do it differently then the other tas. That's because if you do it with this method the game crashes. It crashes on console and mednafan, but works fine on inaccurate emulators. The method I came up with to still use the glitch is to spawn in the extra soldiers and kill them. The goal that I had in mind for this was to have 1 of my men remain in the end so the cutscene where they give you health is very short. The amount of time it took me to actually do this was crazy. Each soldier is luck dependent and can either dodge or attack, it's very random, so this was a huge pain in the rear. I end up spawning the soldiers in 2 seperate waves, 2 soldiers, and then 2 more once those have died. This skips having to heal any of your men.


I use the inventory glitch to get Kardok stuck behind the gate. He does automatically clip through, but for some reason his shield is disabled for his first wave of attacks. This saves time and skips his first shield phase.


I manipulate him so he becomes vulnerable for most of the fight. It's completely luck dependent.

Other comments


  • Way to do half loops for more level loops if it is possible.

  • Better rng in Zarok's Lair

  • More knock back dashes?

Suggested Screenshot: Frame - 45275

arkiandruski: Judging

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