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Submission #695: slash_star_dash's NES Werewolf - The Last Warrior in 11:24.75

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Werewolf - The Last Warrior
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Werewolf_-_The_Last_Warrior_(U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 11:24.75
FrameCount: 41085
Re-record count: 9133
Author's real name: m.t.
Author's nickname: slash_star_dash
Submitter: /*-
Submitted at: 2005-06-03 22:27:52
Text last edited at: 2005-06-03 22:27:52
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:


is all i can think up. its hero vs. villain bent on world domination (short description) with some surprisingly great visuals and "cutscenes" given the era in which it was made.

the FAQ notes this game is similar to Ninja Gaiden... however, i never played any Gaiden enough to know.

was fun. its a fun game that ive done several times over now. the rerecord count being so high is what i attribute that to. i think people will like this movie because the LDR glitch is kinda neat and because of how i deal with things. the majorly tedious parts are the boss battles (Fireman, Monster, Faryan forms) but ive optimized them all quite well. Faryan is unfortunately a snore (as Truncated would put it :

walkthru notes

i employ the Left+Down+Right walking trick to bypass all obstacles in the first part.

part 2, i run into the Giant Head again... and the only reason for using the Howl here is because i have health just above. you also see the LDR glitch... basically, you walk through the first part of the wall and then jump or face the other way to get out. now, if the area you get stuck in only has 2 "objects" (werewolf's width), it may be possible to walk through; however, if you cant, you have to jump, which sends you plummeting below... and if you're on the ground level, chances are you will die.

the first part is interesting... i didnt discover that i could leap that pit until mapmaking... and yes, i was extremely pissed. also, the LDR is used to completely avoid the miniboss.

part 2, it is necessary to stay on the far side of the screen enough of the time because of the lightening in this area (i believe all lightening in the game of this type is instant death).

IronHead (boss) has a "stun attack" that catches you regardless (i cant move)

the bottom area contains ladders and pits which take a lot of time to manuevere and get into place with. it also contains an ironhead boss battle, so taking the top area would prove more entertaining. i kill almost everything in my path.

part 2 has lightening immediately (this type only does damage; not instant death), but only if you touch the ground floor... so i stick to boxes.

Fireman (boss) is fun for me by now... you can actually manipulate him into running back and forth the ENTIRE TIME... but you lose a bunch of time. and just because hes not on screen doesnt mean i cant abuse the HOWL twice.

the first part contains a part where 2 logs need to be activated (where the higher platforms are completely gone). this is usually done by moving back a step or so and then forward once more. so slight halts are what cause this.

also, if i did LDR, it triggers the logs in the wrong areas... and its hard if not impossible to go on without killing yourself and starting over.

Giant Head has something fun... shooting him with the gun i BELIEVE grounds him to that area (no more jumping around and chasing him).

Monster is a PAIN... but ive found something nifty... the Howls workout oddly: in succession (can only do 2 at once because you will die otherwords) they do 2 the first time and 3 the next... so perhaps the damage dealt is 2.5 and it doesn't register? that would explain why almost every OTHER hit seems to take off a life bar as opposed to making him flash. also, the heart is something i didnt know about... so yes, i went back and checked all other places too... and Fireman is littered with damaging W's

also, when he dies, he SLOWLY falls to the bottom until he dies... thats why i wait for him to touch the bottom (it is faster than initially hitting him)

Kinji is unique in that the first time i fought him i had a fluke. theres a frame or 2 where you can jump and that sets off the events to come of either him continuously jumping and you beating him or him standing still for a moment.

Faryan's werewolf form takes 4 damage while his darklord persona takes 2. and while Giant Head takes 8 damage (the battle before Faryan), its faster to kill him with punches and save it for Faryan. so its better to use it here. also, you cant hit him when hes leaping to and from spots. and yes, that long wait where i playaround is unavoidable.

DarkLord pt 1 moves too fast for me (well, Werewolf) so i have to tag along chasing him.

the second part of the battle, he actually does attack, but i dont let him.

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