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Submission #7087: lexikiq's Linux Not Super Mario Bros. "Demo" in 00:36.62

Console: Linux
Game name: Not Super Mario Bros.
Game version: V0.1
ROM filename: Not_Mario_V0.1.love
Branch: Demo
Emulator: libTAS 1.4.1
Movie length: 00:36.62
FrameCount: 2197
Re-record count: 737
Author's real name: Lexi Larkin
Author's nickname: lexikiq
Submitter: lexikiq
Submitted at: 2021-04-03 00:58:58
Text last edited at: 2021-04-25 05:32:04
Text last edited by: lexikiq
Download: Download (2960 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Version info:

libTAS version: 1.4.1
Author's comments and explanations:
*barging into the room* what day is it?? it's still april fools right?? shit uhhh, whatever publish it anyway

(Link to video)


  • Play Super Mario Bros. but not
  • It's kinda like Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour if Mario was the golf ball and you could hit him in mid-air
  • Do something quick and easy since I missed april fools
  • Say Hi to Toad from a socially acceptable distance
  • Get lots of views and money


In this game, Mario can be launched while on the ground. You do this by clicking and dragging on him, and releasing the mouse in the opposite direction of where you want him to go.

Astute viewers may notice that Mario is being launched while in the air. The game attempts to prevent this by determining if Mario is on the ground, but it erroneously believes that Mario is on the ground for a frame or two at the peak of his launch. This allows us to remain in the air which is generally much faster, as landing on the ground causes lots of speed loss (usually).

Level transitions can be skipped by pressing space which I definitely knew when I started this and didn't have to go back and remove my funny end of level cutscenes where I managed to get Mario to roll off the screen entirely which nobody will ever see because I overwrote the file.

Input ends with the launch before the weird maze of invisible blocks at the end of 1-4, which requires a frame perfect launch to get the perfect trajectory to allow Mario to roll into Toad. There are lots of invisible blocks and they have collision from all sides meaning it was very hard to find a trajectory that could get through the invisible blocks, much less cross the gap and then go high enough at the end to land on the axe's platform and then roll down to reach Toad. The only other hard launch was the one into the pipe in 1-2 which used a cool strat to slide off the floating platforms originally but it desynced when fixing the level cutscenes which made me sad :( please donate all your money to me so I feel better

Also yes, 1-4 is the end of the demo, there's nothing past this point.


This is definitely completely 100% optimized. I have spent years crafting this. This is the perfect TAS.

Jokes aside, I think there's some frames to save in 1-1 and input could probably end a little earlier in 1-4 but I'm happy with the final result.

Apr 3 Edit: with the improvement I just submitted, I'm pretty happy with the optimization. I don't think there's much left to squeeze out of this unless you brute forced perfect angles for every launch.

Final Notes

Sorry for being late to april fool's lol, hope it's not too annoying :)

Shoutouts to Aidan.#4241 on the Stabyourself.net discord for making this game, you can download it there. Sorry for not showing any of the cool parts of the game (the floating platforms rotate when you land on them, goomba corpses always exist, everything has a death animation, etc etc.) Here's an invite to the server and a link to the post.

I forgot to include annotations but this runs on LÖVE 0.10.2 which is available via the LÖVE PPA for Ubuntu 15.04 to 17.04. (Ubuntu's packages and versioning system has always confused me.)

Thank you to Zinfidel for helping me fix the YouTube encoding issues that have plagued me for ages

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