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Submission #7105: DrD2k9's DOS King's Quest: Quest for the Crown in 00:15.85

Console: DOS
Game name: King's Quest: Quest for the Crown
Game version: v2.0F
ROM filename: KQ1.COM
Emulator: jpc-rr 11.2
Movie length: 00:15.85
FrameCount: 951
Re-record count: 4025
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: DrD2k9
Submitter: DrD2k9
Submitted at: 2021-04-20 17:14:49
Text last edited at: 2021-05-08 12:26:41
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
Download: Download (4459 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

This game is the first in Sierra's King's Quest series.

Story: The king is dying without an heir, so he sends Sir Graham out on a quest to recover three magical items from the realm. If Sir Graham is able to recover all three items, he will be granted the crown as the next king of Daventry. Graham must search high and low, using his wits to solve problems and recover the three magical items (A chest of never-ending gold, A mirror that shows the future, and A shield that guarantees safety and victory in battle).

Temp Encodes

This is normal speed

(Link to video)

This is 1/5 speed

(Link to video)

General Info

  • Goal: Aims for fastest time
  • Emulator used: c-square's modified JPC-rr 11.2 with TASScript
  • Game Version: 2.0F

Run Info

This is an improvement to the currently published run using a different route and implementing recently (within the past year or so) discovered glitches. Differences are listed below:
  • Water walking glitch (fairly recently discovered)
    • On many screens, getting Graham's feet on the final pixel possible before a screen transition occurs will allow him to walk over water (and some other objects) that would normally kill (stop) him. Doing this in a couple areas allows for a more optimal squence of object retrieval.
      • A treasure is no longer needed to get by the troll on the bridge to the gnome's island.
      • The bird is no longer needed to get to the mushroom island/underground
      • The route variation allows for acquisition of both the pebbles and sling; this allows for killing of the giant instead of waiting for him to fall asleep before obtaining the chest.
  • RNG info.
    • As the bird is no longer needed to get to the mushroom island, this RNG issue from the previous run is negated.
    • Deeper investigation of the game code revealed that the thieving cave dwarf will never show up when Graham enters the staircase from above, so this RNG event is not an issue in this run or the original (where it was believed to be an issue).
    • While this run does cross a couple screens where an RNG event may occur, neither of these happen in this run due to the initial RTC time set during emulator assembly.
      • A fairy godmother can randomly appear one screen south of the 4 leaf clover and give Graham a spell of protection.
      • A Wolf can randomly appear one screen east of the well and can kill Graham if it cathces him.

Time Comparison to Current Publication

This new TAS is 15.844 seconds (according to JPC-rr itself). The current publication is 18.297 seconds. So this new run is an improvement of 2.453 seconds. Given that the first 2.9 seconds of the run is the loading time gettign to the actual gameplay, the actual duration of gameplay is 15.397 seconds for the old run and 12.944 seconds for this submission. The 2.453 second impmrovement is therefore a roughly 16% cut (2.453s/15.397s) off the original publication in terms of gameplay time saved.

Potential Improvements

  • Even with TAS control, moving at the 'Fast' game speed can prove rather difficult to have Graham end up where you want him to go. There may be better movement patterns or route which I have not found.

Suggested screenshot:

Any beanstalk screen: This is an extremely difficult task in RTA runs. Or one similar to the current publication with the Dragon.


These are extracted from the GOG release of the game with all the unnecessary GOG files removed. This run uses the same disk image as the current publication; so if anyone created a disk image for that run, it should also work for this submission.


Timestamp MD5 Size Filename
19900101000000 4771062c7f64bf64c185178613fd665a 39424 AGI
19900101000000 d83459a8643dfc67b4629ec4afe64e13 8192 AGIDATA.OVL
19900101000000 e34849e963efdcc942b67ee9bf5c1533 1024 CGA_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 714c88fa15b8327c585b86f3e619b068 1024 EGA_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 f3d4c66e195491aa759b7c5ef996488b 3072 HGC_FONT
19900101000000 8eb68e541e8ea93da96c7fc4cfde7f3f 1536 HGC_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 a8f5aabf72ed3d4165038275faf8b527 1024 HGC_OBJS.OVL
19900101000000 119949f12a5fc14a082794350c19118b 512 IBM_OBJS.OVL
19900101000000 4488067df5a7201e34ee3b01252e9860 512 JR_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 f579e8fb39209a321d575ebdc5f79014 3121 KQ1.COM
19900101000000 10ad66e2ecbd66951534a50aedcd0128 315 LOGDIR
19900101000000 6eca02fa540337308529ff13e9e764aa 331 OBJECT
19900101000000 d468936618bed024ea453a315aba1958 255 PICDIR
19900101000000 cf37ab2f6af09afee3598b92c9a42983 144 SNDDIR
19900101000000 df5f5263d61e250495c249002c6210a1 512 VG_GRAF.OVL
19900101000000 ac7048eceb628c07f452ecd1662d7b3d 432 VIEWDIR
19900101000000 8ec91effac02ba476f823f065ca10172 48472 VOL.0
19900101000000 77c3be070fc9bf9c69952ed56821efe1 200630 VOL.1
19900101000000 b33d0a9938c095da1a69b5ee3c9209d4 90891 VOL.2
19900101000000 50e00d15fa3e25b512c19608119111cf 3144 WORDS.TOK

feos: Checked/confirmed. Nice stuff, accepting over [3793] DOS King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (v2.0F) by DrD2k9 in 00:18.3.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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