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Submission #7246: katsuster's NES Might and Magic in 14:11.0

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Might and Magic
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Might and Magic - Book One (J).nes
Emulator: BizHawk 2.6.3
Movie length: 14:11.0
FrameCount: 51144
Re-record count: 4701
Author's real name: Katsuhiro Suzuki
Author's nickname: katsuster
Submitter: katsuster
Submitted at: 2021-11-14 06:57:54
Text last edited at: 2021-11-14 07:00:33
Text last edited by: katsuster
Download: Download (21761 bytes)
Status: new
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

This is the NES port of the M&M book one (Japanese version), the game that spawned a huge series of first-person RPGs and provided the universe for the Heroes spinoff series.

Game objectives

  • Emulator: BizHawk 2.6.3
  • Aims for fastest time without glitch
  • Manipulates Luck


English version's Speed-run has already posted. But in Japanese version, there are some differences in scenario and existence of glitch. I cannot use the item glitch to skip quests because the it has been fixed, so I walkthrough all of the main quests.

Summary of updates

  • Update route of quests by using Magic Boost Fountain (can temporary use all magics until take a rest) at C1
    • Players can use transporting magics for example "Fly" and "Town portal"
    • It's very useful to reduce time of moving to Varn area
  • Optimize key inputs (x1.5 faster in best case)
  • Perfectly message skipping by subframe input

Stage by stage comments

Quest of Scroll

  • Started a new game, named the main character "たす" (similar pronunciation of TAS), need 4 additional members. Changed the job to:
    • Knight -> Thief (for unlocking and picking up the items)
    • Knight -> Magician (for "Fly" and "Etheralize" magics)
    • Archer -> Magician
    • Magician was not changed
    • Cleric was not changed (for "Town portal" and "Surface" magics)
  • Went to X:14, Y:5 which is forcedly encounter event place and got GEMs from enemies "ようせい" (fairy) x3. After encounter, paid a GEM and transferring to Erliquin.
  • Went to B1, met Ice Princess, answered her riddle in Japanese "あい" (means "Love") and got "Key of Diamond".
    • This item has 20 charges of "Teleport" magic. It can ignore many forcedly encounter events and pass through the walls. It's also useful to reduce MP consumption of magicians.
  • Went to B3 and entered Ranalou's Cave (known as Cave of Korin Bluffs, "コリンブルッフ洞穴" in JP) to get additional GEMs and used portal to return back to Sorpigal Underground.
    • GEMs are required by some high level magics and town portal at Sorpogal.
  • Used "Key of Diamond" and teleport to follow first quest, taking scroll from Elder man. Used an intentional encounter to return to upstairs.
  • Used Sorpigal town portal to Erliquin, met Agar and following next step of quest.
  • Went to B1, C1 and visit Magic Boost Fountain at C1 (use teleport x1). Members can use all magics from this time. Used an intentional encounter to faster move to C2.
  • Went to C2. Asked Gypsy about sign of all members.
  • Entered to Sorpigal and portal to Dusk. Met Telgoran.

Quest of Zom and Zam

  • Used "Town portal" magic to go to Algary and met Zom, portal to Portsmith and met Zam (use teleport x4).
  • Flew to C1 to take 2 items, one is "Marchant's Pass" and check Goldenbaum and dig other one "Ruby Whistle".
  • Flew to B3 and enter Minotaur's Stronghold (known as Enchanted Forest Stronghold, "まほうの砦" in JP) by blowing 2 times of "Ruby Whistle".
  • Went down to Level 2 of Stronghold, talked with Statue of White Dog (use teleport x2) and got "Golden Key".
    • Returned to B3 using "Surface" magic.

Quest of Gold Sign

  • Flew to A4 and met Elder man (use teleport to avoid an encounter).
    • Answer the sign of character (it can be known from Gypsy in C2) and get the "Coral Key".
  • Flew to C4 and go to entrance of the Volcano (use teleport x1 to avoid an forcedly encounter).
  • In Volcano, got Golden sign after answering question of Volcano Giant in Japanese "にくしみ" (means "hate").
    • This is a small difference between Japanese and English version. First is Volcano Giant asked different question, second is he didn't give the "Key Card" at this place so need to go A4 again.
      • JP's question: "What produced all the evils?" ("全ての邪悪な力を生み出すものとは何だ" in Japanese)
    • In C4, entered forcedly encounter event and escaped away from an entrance of the Volcano. This is because players cannot use any magics (includes "Fly" magic) around of the entrance.
  • Flew to A4 and met Elder man again, he gave the "Key Card".

Quest of True King Alamar

  • Flew to A2, met the Druid Percella and got the "King's Pass".
    • In A2, cannot use "Teleport" magic. And will forcedly encountering at X:10, Y:3. Need to escape soon to erase this enemies.
  • Flew to C1 to charge MP by taking rest and visited Magic Boost Fountain again.
  • Flew to A1 and entered Inner Spiral of Doom Castle to meet true King Alamar (need "Golden Key" to enter the room). After talked with him, he gave the "Eyes of Goros".
    • A1 is same as A2, player cannot use teleport and need escape from enemies at X:0, Y:0.
  • Flew to E3 and entered Castle of Alamar (use teleport x1 to skip Lion Statue's Password event).
  • Fake Alamar sent players to Soul Maze. Put the keyword in Japanese "シェルテム" (means SHELTEM) and transfer to Sorpigal.

Quest of Inner Sanctum

  • Used "Eyes of Goros" to enter Astral Plane.
  • Completed to boot up 5-machines of Astral. Need "Key Card" to entering central room.
    • In Japanese version, player will not be sent back to Sorpigal after booting up the machine.
  • Took rest at central room to enter in Inner Sanctum (and need to solve a quest of Soul Maze). Talked Elder man at Inner Sanctum and send back to Sorpigal.
  • Used "Town portal" magic to go to Elrquin, go to B1 and Gates to Another World.

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