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Submission #747: GuanoBowl's NES Crash N' The Boys Street Challenge in 11:30.55

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Crash N' The Boys Street Challenge
Game version: USA
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 11:30.55
FrameCount: 41433
Re-record count: 1593
Author's real name: J Harden
Author's nickname: GuanoBowl
Submitter: GuanoBowl
Submitted at: 2005-07-10 21:57:01
Text last edited at: 2012-12-04 13:54:20
Text last edited by: nanogyth
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Which emulator you used? FCE ULTRA

Which emulator settings? Regular

Do you use warps or passwords? NOPE

What kind of programming errors do you abuse in the game? NONE

Do you take hits? NOPE Do you use death? NOPE Do you quit+restart in the middle of the movie? NOPE

What are your aims? Fastest possible time. Maximum medals. 100% kills.

Please describe the game briefly. This game is one of the funnest games I will ever play for the NES. I bought this game at a SAMS CLUB over 8 years ago and come to find out its a rare game. Still own it on cartridge too. Anyways.

Please describe the making of the movie. I started recording last night and was going to do some cool stuff with the game but come to find out, if you get touched by ANYTHING, the recording will mess up and you have to start over. Thankfully I figured that out when I sobered up a little. What was hard? EHHHHHH MAYBE. Why would anyone like the result? Cause the computer gets stomped in every event.

It'd be great if you can also suggest the description for your movie (to be shown in the movie listing), if it will be published. This is optional:

1st event, Hurdles: I had to manipulate luck to its maximum here so i could defeat the cpu without having to cross the finishing line. It depends on how you hit him and when you hit him. I like hitting the cpu with a board and a spinning kick right when he hits the hurdle for an extra 5% or so damage (Not a big deal of damage though).

2nd event, Hammer Throw: This is a golfing type game where I had to buy a Rocket (which turns the hammer into a rocket and flies further in the air upon the throw) from the Sports Store to get the hammer in the hole by 4 throws. 4 throws is the minimum amount of throws you can do and I collected a lot of medals in doing that. Nothing special required here except for turbo.

3rd event, Swimming: This event was my hardest because the computer kept switching up on me in the water. I had to go to the Sports Store again and buy the Gum because it would help me stay underwater longer to murder the computer. 1/3 of the time the computer would not let me grab and punch him because he would punch me first so I had to use a kicking method on him to make him reset his order.

4th event, Roof Top Jumping: This event has to be the funnest because it requires good timing and you need to know whats the fastest way you can get across the building. I use a bike technique which is way faster than the pole vault and it helps me continue running at full speed.

Final event, Fighting Scene: Here there is not much to tell except that I use the Atomic Fireball because it takes off the most damage. 1/4 of the time the computer would start running away or try to attack me but figuring out a way to get around it was easy.

If you are wondering why I picked SOUTHSIDE as my team, it is because: 1: Its the first team. 2. Crash is badass.


Truncated: This run was not well received, and the it's very repetitititive. Even at 800% speed the movie seemed too long. Therefore, rejecting.

adelikat: Accepting for publication to the Vault

nanogyth: Processing for publication...

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