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Submission #912: Tailz's NES Cabal in 12:02.4

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Cabal
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Cabal.nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 12:02.4
FrameCount: 43344
Re-record count: 1887
Author's real name: Adam Stockall
Author's nickname: Tailz
Submitter: Tailz
Submitted at: 2005-12-11 07:51:03
Text last edited at: 2012-06-12 16:51:44
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (13624 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Cabal is another arcade port to the NES. In this game you are fighting to rid your homeland of the evil terrorist army. All you have is your wits, a handful of grenades and your trusty machine gun to help you on your mission. Can you do it?

Specs: I used nitsuja's FCEU Improvement 7 (the newest one). I just left the game paused and used Frame Advance to do the whole run. It turned out really well. I did this run using 1 player but a 2-player run is definately possible. I might try it myself sometime in the future.

Goals: 1. Beat the game as fast as possible

        2. Takes no damage/deaths
        3. Destroy all scenery
        4. Uses no warps/passwords (there are none)
Some things I'd like to point out:

The very first level, 1-1, may seem a bit sloppy. That is because it is my original attempt at the game. I played it at 25% speed and had a bit of trouble with grenades. This is the only level played like this and it is over very quickly. I left it as it is because of the way the stage ends. Please don't judge the movie too harshly because of this one level.

Level 1-3 is the first appearance of the White Soldiers. These pesky foes run back and forth and roll out of the way when shot at. When I played this stage I didn't know how to defeat them without wasting frames, so I ignored them. Ignoring them did not effect the enemy spawn rate, and adds something to laugh at as they shoot and throw grenades at me in desparate attempts to hit me.

In stage 5-1 it seems as if I miss my "destroy all scenery" goal. This is not true. The mountain in the top-left corner of the screen appears to be destuctable because when the stage ends it crumbles to the ground, however, it would not fall despite my efforts. I spent over 20,000 frames shooting at it from different spots and it still wouldn't fall down. I'm not sure why, it might be a glitch or something, or maybe the rom was screwy. I dunno. All I know is it would not come down.

The final stage, 5-4, has a mountainous landscape thing in the background that is also undestroyable. This only comes down after the boss is defeated, as some sort of victory celebration I guess.

The movie officially ends on frame 71596, because that is the last of my input. I let it run through the ending song twice, then hit start and entered my initials.

I would like to thank nitsuja for his help on this run. If he hadn't showed me how Frame Advance could be used in this movie, I dare to think what it might look like. He also gave me some great advice. His emulator was top-notch as well. Thanks ninsuja!!

That's all I have to say, enjoy!

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