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List of terms

While in the water, turning link around will cause him to gain negative speed. This turnaround can be between 135 and 225 degrees. The speed that Link will have whenever the control stick is released is dependent on the swimming animation, and can fluctuate greatly. See Here.
Zombie Hover
When Link has no hearts left and is in the air (not including being knocked down), it is possible to repeatedly jumpslash to gain height and distance. After being knocked down, there are several frames which a jumpslash can be done from the ground by holding down L and pressing A. B should be pressed for one frame and released the next repeatedly to get an optimal hover. To heal out of a zombie hover you must either land on a heart or fairy, or use the Tingle Tuner (which is currently not usable on Dolphin). Sometimes it is possible to zombie hover into a loading zone or to pick up an item, and deathwarp afterwards to gain the desired effect.
Wind Waker Dive
By pulling out the Wind Waker when going down a steep slope you can fall off of the ledge. Alternate methods include climbing up a ledge where pulling out the Wind Waker causes the camera to flip, or using nearly any object, typically bombs, to get pushed off of the ledge. When falling with the Wind Waker out, you will fall through water, which can be used to get underneath islands.
Storage was originally obtained by pulling out the Wind Waker on the same frame Forest Water expired. This proved problematic, as it could only be done once every 20 minutes and needed exquisite timing and routing. A variation of tradition storage, known as Dry Storage, is now used. By doing a Wind Waker dive onto land and canceling it 3 frames before you hit the ground, storage is obtained.


To be honest, storage deserves it's own section. It is one of the most versatile and interesting glitches I know of that doesn't involve memory corruption.

What is Storage?

Exactly why storage works isn't known. I've created my own idea from what we know. Imagine there is a byte that represents being in a cutscene. Its typically set at 0, and whenever you activate a cutscene, it is changed to 1. Traditional storage occurred whenever two cutscenes were activated on the same frame (Wind Waker and Forest Water). When this occurs, the cutscene byte is still changed to 1. Whenever both of them are canceled, it goes down to a value of 0, then to a value of -1. With Dry Storage, during the Wind Waker dive the value is at 1. Whenever the dive is canceled, the value goes down to 0. At this point, Link is still holding out the Wind Waker and the normal UI has disappeared. Pressing B one more time cancels out of this, and the value goes to -1.

What does Storage do?

Chest Storage
While opening a chest, Link's collision is altered to allow the animation to flow smoothly. Storage cancels the animation, but keeps the collision. This allows you to walk up walls and clip some ledges simply by walking off of them at an angle. After leaving the room of the chest, you will gain the item, but keep the collision. The collision is returned to normal whenever you change stages, whenever a cutscene starting with a fadeout occurs, or if you open another chest.
Cutscene Storage
Whenever a cutscene is stored, it is typically skipped over. Some cutscenes are multiple parts, and it will play the second part of the cutscene. Link will be teleported to the position where he would start the skipped over cutscene, as will any other actors that are moved.
Text Storage
Activating text will cause it to get "stored". Whenever another cutscene is activated, the text will be played. By pulling out and putting away the Wind Waker, the text will be brought up while you are able to move around. Certain text boxes will give you storage back after closing them. When gaining storage back in the middle of a cutscene, it is canceled.
Door Cancel
By using text storage to cancel going through a door, an effect known as Door Cancel occurs. This is similar to Chest Storage, except on another level. Slopes that are too steep for Chest Storage to climb up can be walked through. Most objects are also able to be walked through. Although this sounds amazing, it can only be done in places where there are doors, a suitable text box, and the ability to pull out the Wind Waker. This only leaves the overworld sea. An unfortunate side-effect of Door Cancel is the screen fading out to either black or white (depending on day/night). This can be overcome with a patch using Dolphin, have fun deciding what to do encoders XD.


Every time link turns around, he gains ~3 speed. The air gauge lasts for 900 frames, allowing for a buildup of about 2700 speed. By getting close to land, Link will regain air, allowing for a superswim of any length. Since the speed gain is dependent on Link turning around, and not on the angle he turns around at, it is possible to turn while superswimming. This makes things very complicated very fast. Turns of 180±45 degrees can be made. Two consecutive well angled turns allows for the momentum to be transferred to any direction. Turning at the max angle while still aiming in a single direction allows you to move in the wanted direction while continually building up speed.


Skip the beginning (Telescope, Clothes, and Spoils Bag Skip)
While Link is swordless, Lantern Moblins react differently. The only times Link is swordless is in the beginning of the game, and at FF1. When a Lantern Moblin sees Link without the sword, it reacts as if you are in FF1 and it throws you into the jail cell. Because FF1 is on a seperate stage than the normal ocean, this is the only way to access it. There just happen to be some Lantern Moblins in a sub off of NFI.
Bombs Early
By superswimming to Greatfish early in the run, it is possible to get bombs before DRI. This allows for some interesting zombie hovers and skips.
Password Skip
In order to get into the pirate ship to get bombs, typically you have to watch a decent length cutscene to get the password (it doesn't work before watching the cutscene, even if you find the password). By using door cancel you can walk through the door to the pirate ship and hit the loading zone, skipping all that nonsense.
Deku Leaf Early
By Wind Waker diving into Forest Haven and using a precise zombie hover, it is possible to obtain the leaf with only the Wind Waker and the sword. Early bombs helps here in order to take damage faster and get a faster angle to get the leaf. Combining this with early bombs is crucial, because the leaf is needed to drop bombs during a zombie hover.
Delivery Bag Skip
By using bombs and deku leaf early, it is possible to zombie hover into the side of DRI and skip the cutscene for obtaining the Delivery Bag. Without it, it is not possible to get a bottle to get across the room before DRC, so we have to leaf across the room.
Light Arrow Skip/Puppet Ganon Skip
These two go hand in hand. By using storage, it is possible to unload a room which normally requires light arrows to get past. The Light Arrows are typically needed for Puppet Ganon, but using a zombie hover, enemy manipulation, and luck manipulation, it is possible to heal at the top of the room using a heart drop from Keese.
Ice Arrow Skip
While not possible to skip only Ice Arrows, it is possible to skip the need for them. Doing a zombie hover over the top of Fire Mountain and healing off of the heart drop from a Kargaroc allows you to get inside without cooling down the island. This is only possible on the J version, as the U version instantly knocks you out because the timer is never set.
After FoF Cutscene skip
By getting dry storage before killing the 2 bokoblins and savewarping, you can skip the cutscenes after. The trigger right outside of FoF remains there, so you have to get door cancel or chest storage to dodge the trigger to return later for the rupee pouch upgrade. Another savewarp is needed to get out.
Barrier Skip
For sure the most anticipated and looked for skip. Do not expect this in the TAS, as it does not exist. A full look into it can be found here.
Early Master Sword
By completing FF2 before ToG, you are teleported to Hyrule 2 before you even visit Hyrule 1. This is because watching the cutscene for meeting Ganon at the top of FF2 gives you the Master Sword (and Hero's Shield). After the cutscene you are immediately taken to Hyrule. There are multiple problems with this. You can crash just by approaching the Master Sword Pedastal 50% of the time. And of course there is a dead end by not activating and deactivating the electric barriers inside of Hyrule castle that doesn't let you break down the barrier. The only way that EMS would be useful would be combined with barrier skip.
Earth Temple Skip
Completing the Wind Temple gives you the Full Master Sword, even if the Earth Temple hasn't been completed. This would allow Earth Temple to be completely skipped. Sadly, Makar doesn't appear until Earth Temple has been completed, so this isn't possible.
KoRL Skip/Sail Skip
Simply put: You need KoRL and the sail to get the triforce shards. Besides that, it is completely possible to skip KoRL, except for a softlock when entering Hyrule 2.
Hyrule 2 Skip
While nothing of importance is gained during Hyrule 2, attempting to obtain the Wind God's Aria or Earth God's Lyric without it will crash.
Saving Tetra Skip
In the beginning of the run, I have to go save Tetra from the Forest of Fairies. If she isn't saved before completing FF1, entering FoF will crash.

Important addresses (NTSC-J)

Note: All values are Big Endian

Address Value Type Function
003b82a9 Byte Triforce Set
003bd23c String Stage Name
00396232 Byte Moon Phase
00396230 Byte Hour
00396231 Byte Minute
0039623b Byte Health
003bdc62 2 Byte Air Gauge
003ea3ca 2 Byte Direction Link is Facing
003b811c Byte Magic
003b8172 Byte Bombs
003b8171 Byte Arrows
003b7af4 Float X coordinate
003b7afc Float Y coordinate
003b7af8 Float Z coordinate

Speed Values

Note: The address for speed changes depending on the map.

Speed is measured in units per frame. Each quadrant of the ocean is 100,000 units, for a 700,000 x 700,000 grid.
Movement Type Speed
Walking 17
Rolling(Neutral Control Stick) 5
Rolling(Holding Control Stick) 26
Backwalking 15
Sidehop 24.867
Backflip 22.5
Swimming 18
Jumpslash 18

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