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Viewing Address Set #106 (Cadash)

Name: Cadash
System: Sega Genesis
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
System Bus01BEWordUnsignedBig1p X position
System Bus01DAWordUnsignedBig1p Y position
System Bus0A7AWordUnsignedBigContinues
System Bus0B5CWordUnsignedBigMage charging / changing magic (counter)
System Bus0B9CWordSignedBigX scroll speed
System Bus0DCAWordSignedBig1p X speed
System Bus0DCEWordSignedBig1p Y speed
System Bus0E4AWordUnsignedBig1p EXP
System Bus0E56WordUnsignedBig1p MP
System Bus0E58WordUnsignedBig1p A.C.
System Bus0E50WordUnsignedBig1p HP
System Bus0E52WordUnsignedBig1p Strength
System Bus0E44WordUnsignedBig1p invicibility timer
System Bus0E5AWordUnsignedBig1p Agility
System Bus0E8EWordUnsignedBig1p Money
System Bus0E9CWordUnsignedBig1p EXP to next level
System Bus0F42WordUnsignedBig2p X position
System Bus0F46WordUnsignedBig2p Y position
System Bus0F4AWordSignedBig2p X speed
System Bus0F4EWordSignedBig2p Y speed
System Bus0FC4WordUnsignedBig2p invicibility timer
System Bus0FCAWordUnsignedBig2p EXP
System Bus0FD0WordUnsignedBig2p HP
System Bus0FD2WordUnsignedBig2p Strength
System Bus0FD6WordUnsignedBig2p MP
System Bus0FD8WordUnsignedBig2p A.C
System Bus0FDAWordUnsignedBig2p Agility
System Bus100EWordUnsignedBig2p Money
System Bus1012WordUnsignedBig2p medicinal herbs
System Bus101CWordUnsignedBig2p EXP to next level
System Bus10C2WordUnsignedBigX enemy position
System Bus10C6WordUnsignedBigY enemy position
System Bus1134WordUnsignedBig1st enemy/boss HP
System Bus1150WordUnsignedBigInvicibility timer (1p enemy/boss - magic)
System Bus115CWordUnsignedBigNumber of hits (for worm boss)
System Bus1234WordUnsignedBig2nd enemy/Satan boss HP
System Bus1250WordUnsignedBigInvicibility timer (2p enemy/Satan boss - magic)
System Bus1334WordUnsignedBig3rd enemy on screen
System Bus1434WordUnsignedBig4th enemy on screen
System Bus1534WordUnsignedBig5th enemy on screen
System Bus1634WordUnsignedBig6th enemy on screen
System Bus1734WordUnsignedBig7th enemy on screen

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