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Viewing Address Set #11 (Super Mario Bros.)

Name: Super Mario Bros.
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
RAM000FByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 Loaded
RAM0010ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 Loaded
RAM0011ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 3 Loaded
RAM0012ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 4 Loaded
RAM0057ByteUnsignedLittleX Speed
RAM006DByteUnsignedLittleLevel X 2nd
RAM0086ByteSignedLittleLevel X
RAM009FByteUnsignedLittleY Speed (pixel?)
RAM00CEByteUnsignedLittleY Pixel
RAM03ADByteUnsignedLittleOn Screen X
RAM0400ByteUnsignedLittleX Subpixel
RAM0416ByteUnsignedLittleY Subpixel
RAM0483ByteUnsignedLittleBowser HP
RAM0705ByteUnsignedLittleX Speed Sub (subsub)
RAM071DByteUnsignedLittleCamera X
RAM077FByteUnsignedLittle21 Frame Rule

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