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Viewing Address Set #13 (Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge)

Name: Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge
System: Super NES
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
WRAM7E002EWordUnsignedLittleCamera X for Wolverine, Cyclops, and underwater Storm
WRAM7E0030WordUnsignedLittleCamera Y for Wolverine, Cyclops, and underwater Storm
WRAM7E0058WordUnsignedLittleCamera X for the final battle
WRAM7E005AWordUnsignedLittleCamera X for Spider-Man
WRAM7E005CWordUnsignedLittleCamera Y for the final battle
WRAM7E005EWordUnsignedLittleCamera Y for Spider-Man
WRAM7E0074WordUnsignedLittleCamera X for Gambit and walking Storm
WRAM7E0076WordUnsignedLittleCamera Y for Gambit and walking Storm
WRAM7E0628WordUnsignedLittleSpider-Man X
WRAM7E062AWordUnsignedLittleSpider-Man Y
WRAM7E0630WordUnsignedLittleGambit and walking Storm X
WRAM7E0632WordUnsignedLittleGambit and walking Storm Y
WRAM7E0762WordUnsignedLittleWolverine, Cyclops, and underwater Storm X
WRAM7E07ECWordUnsignedLittleWolverine, Cyclops, and underwater Storm Y
WRAM7E0B29ByteUnsignedLittleWolverine, Cyclops, and underwater Storm health
WRAM7E10F8ByteUnsignedLittleSpider-Man health
WRAM7E119EByteUnsignedLittleGambit and walking Storm health
WRAM7E11FAWordUnsignedLittleSpike Ball X / Platform Y for Gambit's stages
WRAM7E14DCWordUnsignedLittleWater level for Storm's stages

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