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Viewing Address Set #16 (Bio Force Ape)

Name: Bio Force Ape
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
RAM012BByteUnsignedLittleCurrent Stage Time - Frames
RAM012CByteUnsignedLittleCurrent Stage Time - 256 Frames
RAM012DByteUnsignedLittleCurrent Stage Time - 256*256 Frames
RAM013AByteUnsignedLittleTotal Time - Frames
RAM013BByteUnsignedLittleTotal Time - 256 Frames
RAM013CByteUnsignedLittleTotal Time - 256*256 Frames
RAM0484ByteUnsignedLittleX-Pos - Subpixel
RAM0485ByteUnsignedLittleX-Pos - Pixel
RAM0486ByteUnsignedLittleX-Pos - Screen
RAM0487ByteUnsignedLittleY-Pos - Subpixel
RAM0488ByteUnsignedLittleY-Pos - Pixel
RAM0489ByteUnsignedLittleY-Pos - Screen
RAM048AByteSignedLittleX-Spd - Subpixel
RAM048BByteSignedLittleX-Spd - Pixel
RAM048CByteSignedLittleX-Spd - Screen
RAM048DByteSignedLittleY-Spd - Subpixel
RAM048EByteSignedLittleY-Spd - Pixel
RAM048FByteSignedLittleY-Spd - Screen

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