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Viewing Address Set #3 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

Name: Super Mario Bros. 3
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
RAM0014ByteSignedBigBack to Map
RAM0015ByteSignedBigCard Timer
RAM0075ByteUnsignedBigX Level 2nd
RAM0079ByteSignedBigX Map Position
RAM0087ByteSignedBigY Level 2nd
RAM0090ByteUnsignedBigX Level
RAM00A2ByteSignedBigY Level
RAM00ABByteUnsignedBigX Screen
RAM00BDByteSignedBigX Speed
RAM00CFByteSignedBigX Speed
RAM00FDByteUnsignedBigX Camera
RAM03DDByteSignedBigP Meter
RAM0515ByteSignedBigNext P
RAM055DByteSignedBig8 Frame Timer
RAM056EByteSignedBigP Kill Counter
RAM05F1ByteUnsignedBigClock Timer
RAM074DByteUnsignedBigX Subpix
RAM075FByteUnsignedBigY Subpix
RAM7CFAByteSignedBigBoss HP

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