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Viewing Address Set #37 (Nanashi no Geemu)

Name: Nanashi no Geemu
System: Nintendo DS
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
System Bus20DEC00ByteSignedBigDay (Level)
System Bus20DEC80ByteSignedBigRegret Closeness
System Bus20DEC84ByteSignedBigStatic Effect
System Bus20F38B0Q20.12UnsignedBigRegret 1 X. Pos
System Bus20F38B4Q20.12UnsignedBigRegret 1 Z. Pos
System Bus20F38B8Q20.12UnsignedBigRegret 1 Y. Pos
System Bus20F38D4Q20.12UnsignedBigRegret 1 Direction
System Bus20F390CQ20.12UnsignedBigRegret 1 State
System Bus20F3920ByteSignedBigRegret 1 Trigger
System Bus20F3924ByteUnsignedBigRegret 1 Timer
System Bus20F39E8Q20.12UnsignedBigRegret 2 X. Pos
System Bus20F39F0Q20.12UnsignedBigRegret 2 Y. Pos
System Bus20F3A0CQ20.12UnsignedBigRegret 2 Direction
System Bus20F3A68ByteUnsignedBigRegret 2 Timer
System Bus20F3C8CWordSignedBigStylus X
System Bus20F3C90WordSignedBigStylus Y
System Bus20F44C8Q20.12UnsignedBigX. Pos
System Bus20F44D0Q20.12UnsignedBigY. Pos
System Bus20F44ECQ20.12UnsignedBigCam Y
System Bus20F44EEQ20.12UnsignedBigCam X
System Bus20F44F0Q20.12UnsignedBigCam Angle
System Bus20F44FCQ20.12UnsignedBigZ. Pos
System Bus20F4601ByteSignedBigIs Running

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