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Viewing Address Set #41 (Wolfenstein 3D)

Name: Wolfenstein 3D
System: DOS
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
System Bus425F6WordUnsignedLittleDoor openness table (64 entries)
System Bus44888ByteUnsignedLittleTile data (4096 entries)
System Bus26E70ByteUnsignedLittleRNG index
System Bus468A2WordSignedLittlePlayer health
System Bus471DEWordUnsignedLittleLevel timer
System Bus48822WordUnsignedLittleObject types (150 entries, 60 byte stride)
System Bus477E4WordSignedLittlePlayer sub-heading
System Bus4882CByteUnsignedLittleObject direction (150 entries, 60 byte stride) from 0 to 7, 0 being east and increasing 45 degrees counter-clockwise
System Bus4882EDoublewordUnsignedLittlePlayer X position
System Bus4882FWordUnsignedLittleObject X (150 entries, 60 byte stride)
System Bus48832DoublewordUnsignedLittlePlayer Y position
System Bus48833WordUnsignedLittleObject Y (150 entries, 60 byte stride)
System Bus48848WordUnsignedLittlePlayer heading (degrees)
System Bus4884AWordSignedLittleObject health (150 entries, 60 byte stride)

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