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Viewing Address Set #69 (Super Castlevania IV)

Name: Super Castlevania IV
System: Super NES
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
System Bus003AWordUnsignedLittleFrame Counter
System Bus00BCWordSignedLittleSimon Hitstun Timer
System Bus0222ByteSignedLittleWhip Frame Counter
System Bus033CByteSignedLittleRing Whip Distance
System Bus0549WordSignedLittleX Sub
System Bus054AWordUnsignedLittleX Pos
System Bus054EWordSignedLittleY Pos (Center)
System Bus0559WordSignedLittleX Speed (Subpx)
System Bus055DWordSignedLittleY Speed (Subpx)
System Bus055EWordSignedLittleY Speed (Fullpx)
System Bus056EByteSignedLittleCrouch Timer
System Bus0571ByteSignedLittleRing Angle
System Bus0574ByteSignedLittleRing Accel
System Bus0586WordSignedLittleSlogra/Dracula HP
System Bus05BEWordUnsignedLittleGolden Greater Bat HP
System Bus05FEWordSignedLittleGolden Right Bat HP
System Bus0606WordSignedLittleGolden Left Bat HP
System Bus067EWordSignedLittleGolden Center Bat HP
System Bus0D86WordSignedLittleMummy/Gaibon HP
System Bus1292WordSignedLittleX Speed (Fullpx)
System Bus13C6WordSignedLittleWeapon Upgrade Counter
System Bus13F2ByteUnsignedLittleHeart Counter
System Bus13F4ByteSignedLittleHealth Bar
System Bus13F6ByteSignedLittleBoss Energy
System Bus1F9AWordSignedLittleY Pos (Feet)
System Bus1F9CWordSignedLittleY Pos (Head)

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