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Viewing Address Set #75 (Ys: The Vanished Omens)

Name: Ys: The Vanished Omens
System: Sega MasterSystem
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
Main RAM0018ByteUnsignedLittleScreen X-Position
Main RAM0019ByteUnsignedLittleScreen Y-Position
Main RAM0191ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 HP
Main RAM01A0ByteUnsignedLittleLevel
Main RAM04E0ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 Y-Position
Main RAM04E1ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 X-Position
Main RAM0210ByteUnsignedLittleY-Position (on screen)
Main RAM0211ByteUnsignedLittleX-Position (on screen)
Main RAM0222ByteUnsignedLittleHP Left
Main RAM0223ByteUnsignedLittleStrength
Main RAM0224ByteUnsignedLittleDefense
Main RAM0225WordUnsignedLittleGold
Main RAM0227WordUnsignedLittleEXP
Main RAM022AByteUnsignedLittleHP Total
Main RAM0480ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 Y-Position
Main RAM0481ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 X-Position
Main RAM04C2ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 HP
Main RAM04F2ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 3 HP

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