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Viewing Address Set #9 (Snake Rattle 'n' Roll)

Name: Snake Rattle 'n' Roll
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
RAM0067ByteUnsignedBigPosition in dimension 1
RAM0069ByteUnsignedBigPosition in dimension 2
RAM006BByteUnsignedBigPosition in dimension 3 (the jumping and falling dimension)
RAM03F9ByteUnsignedBigEaten nibbly-pibbly color 1
RAM03FBByteUnsignedBigEaten nibbly-pibbly color 2
RAM03FDByteUnsignedBigEaten nibbly-pibbly color 3
RAM053BByteUnsignedBigSub position in dimension 1
RAM054FByteUnsignedBigSub position in dimension 2
RAM0563ByteUnsignedBigSub position in dimension 3
RAM0620ByteUnsignedBigHealth of final boss

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