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Viewing Address Set #90 (Frankenstein: The Monster Returns)

Name: Frankenstein: The Monster Returns
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
RAM0088ByteUnsignedLittleY 2nd Byte
RAM0089ByteUnsignedLittleCamera X
RAM00B8ByteUnsignedLittleStage 1 Dog Rush Direction
RAM00B9ByteUnsignedLittleStage 1 Dog Rush Count
RAM0602WordUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 X
RAM0604WordUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 Y
RAM0607ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 Health
RAM060CByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 Timer/Hitstun
RAM060FByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 1 Other
RAM0612WordUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 X
RAM0614WordUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 Y
RAM0617ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 Health
RAM061CByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 Timer/Hitstun
RAM061FByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 2 Other
RAM0622WordUnsignedLittleEnemy 3 X
RAM0624WordUnsignedLittleEnemy 3 Y
RAM0627ByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 3 Health
RAM062CByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 3 Timer/Hitstun
RAM062FByteUnsignedLittleEnemy 3 Other

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