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Viewing Address Set #95 (Dementium: The Ward)

Name: Dementium: The Ward
System: Nintendo DS
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
System Bus20DCB0CByteUnsignedBigStylus X
System Bus20DCB14ByteUnsignedBigStylus Y
System Bus20F20A0Q20.12UnsignedBigX
System Bus20F20A8Q20.12UnsignedBigY
System Bus20F20ACQ20.12UnsignedBigAngle
System Bus22234A71ByteSignedBigMap flags (West)
System Bus22234A73ByteSignedBigMap flags (East)
System Bus22234A74ByteSignedBigItem flags (Top)
System Bus22234A75ByteSignedBigItem flags (Bottom)
System Bus2260B1CByteSignedBigAmmo (Current weapon)
System Bus2261830ByteSignedBigWeapon selected
System Bus2261831ByteSignedBigHP
System Bus27E34F7Q20.12UnsignedBigSpeed

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