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Adelikat / All Platforms Challenge


The All Platforms Challenge is my personal challenge to make a TAS for all TASable platforms supported on the site (and attempt to be the first to do this). I started this challenge in about 2008 before the 2009 huge increase in platforms!

subset 1: A published movie for all platforms

subset 2: A currently published movie for all platforms.

My hope is that the challenge continues to increase due to more and more consoles support TASVideos quality rerecording!

TASable platforms





To do: Add information about each system.


Platform Status Movie Current
NES Y [1279] NES Double Dragon II: The Revenge (USA) "2 players" by adelikat in 08:40.13 Y
FDS Y [1383] FDS Eggerland (JPN) by adelikat in 36:58.98 Y
SNES Y [878] SNES Super Punch-Out!! (USA) by adelikat in 15:59.88 N
N64 Y [962] N64 Glover (USA) "all stages" by adelikat in 37:15.28 Y
GC N x x
Wii N x x
GB Y [864] GB Operation C (USA) by adelikat in 10:53.35 Y
SGB Y [2143] SGB Crayon Shin-Chan 4 (JPN) by adelikat in 07:15.82 Y
GBC Y [1369] GBC Speedy Gonzales: Aztec Adventure (USA) by adelikat & JXQ in 30:17.5 Y
VBoy Y [1528] VBoy Virtual Boy Wario Land (JPN/USA) by adelikat in 18:39.56 Y
GBA Y [1151] GBA Batman Begins (USA) by adelikat in 18:34.52 Y
DS Y [1863] DS New Super Mario Bros. (USA) "warps" by adelikat, terrotim, mindnomad & Y05H1 in 21:08.08 Y
SG1000 Y [3047] SG1000 Borderline (JPN) by adelikat in 01:06.99 Y
SMS Y [1057] SMS Ninja Gaiden (USA/Europe) by adelikat in 15:04.25 Y
GG Y [1635] GG Ninja Gaiden (USA) by adelikat in 07:33.02 Y
Genesis Y [881] Genesis Mercs (World) by adelikat in 09:52.9 Y
32X Y [1487] 32X Tempo (JPN/USA) by adelikat in 14:52.62 Y
SegaCD Y [1614] SegaCD The Terminator (USA) by adelikat & Cardboard in 13:20.67 Y
Saturn N x x
PCE Y [2025] PCE Dragon Egg! (JPN) by adelikat in 07:11.58 Y
PCECD Y [1431] PCECD Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (JPN) "100%" by adelikat & arukAdo in 38:26.12 Y
SGX N x x
PSX Y [3035] PSX Star Trek: Invasion (USA) by adelikat in 38:25.05 Y
Arcade Y [1613] Arcade The Simpsons (any) by adelikat & DarkKobold in 13:37.73 Y
Lynx Y [2150] Lynx Gordo 106: The Mutated Lab Monkey (USA/Europe) by adelikat in 08:37.54 Y
NGP N x x
PC-FX N x x
DOS N x x
DOOM N x x
A2600 Y [2118] A2600 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (USA) by adelikat & Cardboard in 00:25.25 Y
A7800 Y [2899] A7800 Ninja Golf (USA) by adelikat in 11:29.67 Y
Coleco Y [2214] Coleco Jumpman Junior (USA) by adelikat in 04:48.58 Y
Windows N x x
C64 N x x
AppleII Y [2884] AppleII The Oregon Trail (unknown) by adelikat in 08:24.63 Y
MSX N x x

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