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When I became a judge for TASVideos in 2006 the queue was well over 100 submissions large. I and others worked hard to get it down to size. It was then that I made a goal of having an empty queue to show as a sign of our hard work. While it got to small numbers over the years, a delayed publication, or a new submission always threw a wrench in the attempt to get to 0. Years went by and there was always something that prevented us from achieving what was becoming this holy grail of queue work.

On February 10th 2010, 03:15 UTC Aktan published [1459] N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (USA) by zggzdydp in 2:04:49.35, what had become the unimaginable had finally happened, we managed to get the queue down to 0! After 4 years of work, my personal goal was achieved!

Thanks much for all the publishers and judges who contributed to this event!

In particular: mmbossman, Aktan, Flygon, and sgrunt.



MisterEpic did the same when he published [1726] SNES Mega Man & Bass (JPN) "100 CDs" by parrot14green in 39:48.65, January 23rd 2011, 00:17 UTC. No screenshot provided.


feos, after becoming a Senior Publisher, published the starred [2458] GBA Metroid: Zero Mission (USA) "100%" by Dragonfangs in 1:00:46.28, emptying the queue for the third time, September, Friday the 13th, 2013 (14:51 UTC).


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