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Adelikat / Four Tier System Rules

This proposition proposes a new site tiering system that aims to solve some issues people have with the current tiering system.





This should be approx. the bottom 10% of runs. Runs automatically go here with a rating of lower than 5.0.


This should be approx. 50% of all runs. Runs go here with a rating between 5.0 and 7.0.

The "standard" tier does not need to have a name or icon.


This should be approx. 30% of all runs. Runs go here with a rating of 7.0 or over.

This effectively becomes a newer version of Movies-Popular. It should represent good quality runs; something that we want to show people and can promote to people.


Cherry picked by a well trained monkey.

Stars are hand-picked to be the top 10% representation of our site's collection of runs.

Changes in judging

No longer judge movies by depending on tier-specific rulelists. Instead, have a global ruleset that allows any%/100% of all sane game genres (like the current Vault), and also allow exotic categories on a run-by-run basis if the run is judged as entertaining enough. Do not accept to a particular tier, but just accept to standard and let ratings do the work from there.

"I'm Mothrayas, and I approve of this message." -Mothrayas

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