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This page documents the decisions I make when I rate TASVideos publications.



Most of my tech ratings are from a past rating scale. I largely based them on "how close to perfect" the movies were. This wasn't just frames, but also how much more the TAS could have been pushed towards being impressive in general. I also mixed in arbitrarily the factor of "how much work was put into this".

Now I try to represent the technical level not based on if it can be obsoleted but more on the 'TAS techniques' it represents. A high tech movie would demonstrate a lot of bizarre, crazy, creative, and counter-intuitive solutions. TAS techniques include luck manipulation, glitches, tricks, doing things the programmers certainly never intended, route planning, resource management (health, weapons, etc), and various other standard TAS techniques. Even better if it shows non-standard techniques, or something that is rarely (or never) represented in other movies. In summary, the less it resembles an average human play-through the greater potential for high technical ratings.

About 1% of my ratings follow this new system.

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