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Adelikat / Site Vision

As an administrator at TASVideos I have the responsibility of maintaining TASVideos over the long term. This page lays out the overall thinking and planning that motivates my administrative activities. I hope this page helps people understand the reasoning behind my activities and enlighten them on the long term goals I have for the direction of TASVideos.


I have one fundamental and basic goal with TASVideos that underlies every decision I've made in my contributions here: To expose people to the art of TASing. When I first came to the site in late 2004, the site was full of references to TASVideos as an art form. I really connected with this concept and it has a lot to do with why I became passionate about contributing to the site.

TASing is an art. As an art, I want as many people as possible to witness it, be educated about it, and to be inspired.

Long Term Goals (in order of priority)

Expanding rerecording capabilities

This is one of the biggest priorities for me long term. I want to see TAS capable emulators for more platforms. Most notably

would be some of the big name consoles yet to be done such as Gamecube, Wii, and Playstation 2. The goal is to expand TASing to

new consoles and explore fresh new ideas related to tool-assisted speedrunning (such as new forms of input, game genres etc.)

More exposure for TASVideos and its publications

Getting out there with streaming media, torrents, media. Drawing an audience in.

Getting published on TASVideos should be a saught after event from the TAS community because it will mean a high amount of

exposure for their work.

Promoting education

both on how to TAS but also on what the art of TASing truly means. A TAS appreciation if you will.

Community image

TASVideos should be the #1 site in terms of quality and standards. This is the place to get the highest quality movie, to see

the newest official TAS "records", learn the most cutting edge techniques, and see the latest new TASable platforms.

TASVideos website

New look and feel, better information in a more concise way. More interactivity with the audience.

Long term source code maintenance

To set up the site to be more easily maintained by willing helpers. To organize the site better for easier src editing. To document more of the internal works so new maintainers can better understand and help. To make it self sustaining financially.

To make it easier to transition should the day come for a new administrator. To make admin level duties possible through the site itself, so that being the "leader" of TASVideos doesn't require database, and php coding prerequisites.

Goals/Plans for 2010

Much of this content can be found here.

1) Better documentation of tricks! This is the one where I need the resources of all of you, the TAS community the most. Late 2004, word of Moriomoto's SMB3 TAS brought me to TASVideos. However one of the main things that kept me coming back were the tricks pages (such as SMB). I had a thirst for more advanced concept & strategies for the games I was familiar with, and I was tired of the tired and worn out "100 lives" and "-1" tricks that you would see at places like GameFAQs. I was amazed at the amount of ideas TASVideos (NESVideos back then) had that I would never even considered. And they even had animated GIFs demonstrating these ideas!

I think these pages carry a lot of potential for interest in the general gaming community (at least the competitive gaming community) even if they aren't especially drawn to TASes initially. However, are pages are sorely outdated, too few in numbers, and too infrequently updated. I hope to rally support behind a push to update the content of existing pages and create pages for more games (especially newer platforms. We don't necessarily even need animated GIFs for these pages since we now have easy streaming embedding. I will be willing to work on additional site features too if anyone has ideas for increasing the effectiveness of these pages or the ease of maintaining them. (For instance, an animated GIF tool for emulators, ability to specify a time range of an embedded video, or any creative ideas I haven't considered).

2) More site "interactivity" with the act of TASing The tricks pages were about 50% of the reason I kept coming back. The other 50% was to see progress on specific TASes in the forum threads. In particular was Bisqwit's Megaman TAS back in early 2005. Every day I would go to that thread to see if a new WIP was posted. When there was, I would watch it in excitement, hoping to be blown away by new tricks and shortcuts! Since 2005 the forums have greatly decreased in activity, and many runs are now done "in secret" in order to be a big surprise on the submission queue. I hope to revive this spirit of "the latest TAS progress" in TASVideos.

Currently I am really excited about the idea of "live" TASing via ustream (demonstrated by the Bubble Bobble commentary. I've done a few live TAS sessions this way as an experiment and I hope to make it a regular part of my week. I hope others might get into this idea as well; holding TASing sessions that the audience can see. I plan to write up a page about how to get set up for streaming emulator content on ustream. I also really hope this idea spawns a series of TAS tutorials & introductory videos.

Imagine being able to regularly visit the site and actually see TASes in the making, right this second! The site could announce and promote these in a visible manner as well. The audience could visit regularly eagerly waiting to see the latest progress of various movies.

3) Younger consoles becoming rerecordable Morimoto's SMB3 run spawned the original generation of TASers. Super Mario 64 spawned the 2nd. Which TAS will spawn a 3rd generation of TASers? That answer lies in the next generation of consoles such as GameCube, Wii, and PS2. I plan to put work towards getting the rerecording emulators of dolphin and pscx2-rr ready for good TASing. Any help along these lines is greatly appreciated.

4) Better integration and attention towards the News feed. It is my intent that this feed has regular updates. This would include news about any of the events mentioned so far. I want this to be a page that is visited frequently by users to see the latest news on site events, live TASing, rerecording emulator news, latest discoveries in the TAS world, etc. I also want this page tied to an RSS feed and the TASVideos twitter account.

Combined RSS Feed
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